Why Originators Hate Sundays

Sundays can be very challanging for us Originators. At least it used to be that way for me.

What do you do ?

Spend time with family or just wind down from the week or Go out and try to generate some new business for the coming week? After all Saturday and Sunday are full of open houses, buyers visiting new construction, and of course agents out with new buyers showing homes.

Do You Spend Time With Your Family or Do You Go Hunting for Business?
Actually there is a third option which is spend time with your family while you are on the phone and distracted.

Let’s be honest for a minute ok?

You DON’T WANT TO VISIT open houeses any more than the agent wants to meet you or see you.

It’s hard to go to new home developments because the majority have their own in house mortgage companies.

IT sucks trying to spend time with your family but being on the phone or even worse- being distracted by thoughts
of all of the deals that are happening and HOPING you can get some for the coming week.


I have had all of these feelings and many much worse which is why I decided to finally do something about it.

See if you are the EXPERT IN A NICHE that is in demand- many of these issues go away.

First – you can go into a new home development – like I did last week- and tell them how great their company is but than ask “But what do you do when you get a buyer with this issue?”
You can do the same with Real-Estate offices too.

Second- When you are an expert no one expects you to work evenings or weekends.

Third- No one really ever questions your rates and points.

LIVE TRAINING – THURSDAY NOV 9Th – I will show you the exact formula You Can Use to Be The Expert in a NIche that has 7.3 million potential clients…. and almost ZERO competition

Hope you can make it,

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks
BTW- this is real field tested information I use in my own mortgage business- not some fluff or stuff that “should” work or worked 10 years ago- this is real cutting edge information

Shouldn’t you grab your seat now?

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