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Which One Are You?


Over the years I have managed and trained thousands of originators. Some were great. Some were terrible. Some were average middle of the road.

What separates the great loan officer from the other 2 groups?  It’s not talent- It’s not a better skill set ( although that helps) it comes down to motivation.

On my desk for the past 30 years I have had 3 ROCKS on my desk each of which has a particular thought on it. I like to keep them in front of me so that I am always reminded of what needs to be done.


There are 3 types of people.

1. People who WATCH things happen.

2. People who MAKE things happen.

3. People who WONDER what just happened.

The good news here is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE which group you want to be in.

Go make something happen right now- you absolutely can and must. Because what you do or don’t do today will determine your income 60-90 days from now.

Now you may be wondering WHAT to do?

So here comes a shamless offer.

If you are interested in how to create a consistent flow of new buyers YOU can hand over to agents – visit

If you are interested in working with the 7.3 million boomerang buyers who are coming into the marketplace – well I’m sorry but we are 100% sold out.  But I will hopefully offer this one of a kind program again soon.

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