What Scares Loan Officers and My Most Embarrassing Moment As an Originator

Halloween is right around the corner and it makes me think about all of the things that scare us as originators.

If you are like most originators you are scared about these things and probably think about them daily like I do.

  • How will I Generate New Deals.
  • Scared of calling on Agents only to hear their excuses of why they won’t meet you or can’t use you.
  • How will you convert those prequals to new deals.
  • How will you get your processor to close your deals on time.

    Or What About These frightening thoughts.

  • How will I get referrals?
  • What will I do when rates rise? or the I hope our rates are competitive fear.
  • What can I do to stop all of the ups and downs in my production.

    I have to confess that I have had all of these fears and many others during my 32 years originating. But thru much hard work, lot’s of testing, and many years of tweaking, I created systems that do work.

How do I know they work?
I originate myself every single day unlike many of the so called “gurus” or thought leaders in our industry.

The first system allows YOU to control the buyer and we all know that whoever controls the buyer controls the transaction and who gets the deal. So you are either hoping agents send you deals or YOU control the buyers and hae agents hoping you send them deals…
It scares me to think more originators don’t control their incomes and are forced to beg .

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Now on to my most embarrassing moment ever in the mortgage business. I bet some of you have probably done or felt the same thing.  Yes, it’s scary because all you want to do is succeed and don’t mind working hard.

But it’s a horrible feeling when you work hard but still aren’t succeeding trust me I know.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
What I am about to tell you may be the most important statement you read about originating.
Knowing WHY people do things and getting them to choose you and do what you want.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video where I reveal my most embarrassing moment and share some of the discoveries I made that will help you! This will also come down at midnight on the 31st

I hope you have a great halloween and can finally no longer be scared about any of these issues.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production

Brian Sacks

PS- If you are just reading this – here’s the short version

Want to finally control buyers so agents chase you instead of you begging them
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