Hope your weekend is off to a great start. I’m spending the day working on my project and can’t wait to share it with you.

But I wanted to tell you a sad story about a call I had yesterday with an originator who wants to be in my coaching program.

He scheduled his 15 minute consultation and we spoke yesterday about the activities he was going to do this weekend and that’s where this story gets sad. I truly can relate to it because it’s exactly what I used to do myself before I created the rentersintoloans formula and perfected it.

This weekend he is
going to open houses to meet new agents ( unfortunately they likely don’t want to see him)
He is going to offices to see if there are any agents there he can meet ( not likely and not likely he will get past the front desk)
He is also going to be working on some facebook ads and updating his linkedin profile ( good ideas but won’t get him new deals)

Needless to say he is frustrated and unfortunately he is also broke -both financially and emotionally and not able to control either.

Having been there and done that myself I can truly relate but instead of moping I found and created and perfected a solution.
If you are not yet a member of the rentersintoloans system IT IS COMING OFF THE MARKET FOREVER in 2 days –
So watch this now.

Have a great rest of your weekend
Brian Sacks

BTW- speaking of sad based on the e-mails we have been receiving I know so many of you are sad that I have decided to take this program off the market but there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever but to be fair if you hit the paypal option you can take it for a full six month test drive without spending one red cent since they offer zero interest and zero payments.
that way you can start generating new deals and relationships and your money excuse is gone.

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