TopOriginatorSecrets Brian Sacks Strategy # 4- Give Away A Prize

Today I want to share a special tactic that has generated a lot of new business and relationships. It’s # 48 in the 48 Proven Ways To Immediately Close More.

Everyone likes a giveaway and I have found a great resource that allows me to offer Free Vacations and Hotel Stays. This can be used as a monthly promotion with a different city each month.
The key is to separate yourself from everyone else just selling on price and offer something different. Something exciting that can get people talking. One idea would be to just offer it to one agents clients a month on a rotation basis as a partner.

I use them as a drawing to entice people to attend home buyer webinars and seminars and we offer the vacation as a grand prize at the end for attending.
Here’s the tool in action

Now to be clear- I am NOT an attorney but I have checked with compliance attorneys and as long as you are NOT giving away anything of value for a referral you are ok. This is an enticement to do business with us just like offering a free appraisal etc.

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