Don’t you hate :
1. Rate Shoppers who take your knowledge and go elsewhere for their loan
2. Realtors you do a great job for who never call again 
3. Wondering where to get new deals – without spending money on zillow or desk rental fees.

The solution I have come up with is 3 simple sentences

  1. Pick a Niche
  2. Become THE expert
  3. Let Everyone Know About Your Expertise

    The problem is what niche?

    Reverse Mortgages– now a pretty crowded space
    New Construction- most have their own preferred lenders or in -house companies
    Renovation Loans- great niche- not a lot of competition but most companies do a poor job
    Small Commercial Deals- Not bad – but these lenders tend to change their guidelines often and some have just recently pulled out of the market with no notice.

    The issue is that if you don’t appear different your life as an originator stinks
    You have to work twice as hard and still not earn what you are capable of.

    So I am going to pull back the curtain on my own business on Feb 25 @ 2 eastern

I will reveal how you can become the OBVIOUS EXPERT in your area in a niche
where 7.3 million buyers are looking for a home.

Best of all – This Niche has almost ZERO competition

Grab your seat now

Brian Sacks

PS- On this training I will reveal the exact process I use that you can simply copy and paste- I still originate every day just like you- in the trenches

Hope you can make it because there may not be a repaly

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