Brian’s Sacks’s speech at the MMBBA Conference in Annapolis, Maryland was both practical and enlightening. Mr. Sacks delivery is direct and he is very engaging. If you applied his principals of success I cannot imagine your business not growing.

Colleen A. Palmer
Area Sales Manager
Vice President MMBBA

I just had to take a moment and compliment you on your system. As a new LO it would take me forever and a day just to create the letters. I already started implementing your system and have three families, working on being Mortgage Ready. It’ll take me a month(s) to put everything into effect. Top quality info, great plan and I’m following it.

Jim Gleason
New York

Without hesitation, I would recommend Brian’s program to anyone interested in being a successful loan officer.  Brian was very helpful and innovative.

Ray Walter Sr. (Loan Officer)

All the templates?  Man, you’ve made my day. Just seeing all this stuff builds confidence for someone new. Your product is more than a “guide”, Brian.  It’s more of a nearly perfect solution.  Just add one persevering confident loan officer, and you’ve really got something.

Malibu, CA

Hello Brian,

I recently received your Gold package. Wow, is there a wealth of information! I’ve been in this business for almost a year now and I’m loving it. Your recordings haven’t left my car. I really enjoy listening to them.


Daniel Barbier

Your gold system has helped to increase my business by giving me tools and knowledge to help people who I never would have thought could qualify for a mortgage. Thanks!!!


Jim Emmendorfer

Thank you for the wonderfully, practical tips/suggestions that you have made available for free via your newsletter. I have enjoyed reading all of it and agree with your pragmatic and common-sense approach to building a successful mortgage brokerage business.


Yohan Sookdeo

Hey Brian, I recently purchased your Gold Package.  I have really enjoyed it, as it has been a desire of mine to focus on the credit challenged, bankruptcy and foreclosure clientele.  It is good to see that someone has already plowed ahead and made a way for those of us who are newer to the business.

Dane Edwards

For the last six months, I have been receiving your emails. You do an excellent job!  I only wish that I could have started working for you when I entered the business. Thanks and keep up the good work!

David M. Crum
Superior Home Mortgage

This is by far the most interesting and productive program I have tried for marketing. I love being able to help people get back in line. I am also looking forward to becoming the “Bankruptcy Expert” in our area. 🙂 Thanks again.


Edie Schneider


Hi Brian, Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for all of the ideas, support and guidance over the last 2 years. Because of your good ideas, and I believe, in part to my motivation and desire, projections for this month are extremely good. After 10 years in this business, there is a very strong possibility that my company (my bookkeeper, processor, 1 assistant, my wife/marketer/after marketer and myself) are going to have our first 6 figure month. The best part is that, of all of our loans in the hopper, 50% are referrals from past clients and the other 50% are past clients. By the way, of the 50+ ideas in your systems, I only use 4. Thanks again.


Hello Brian, The idea I like behind your purchase program, which I will start next month is referring the clients to realtors. But I don’t want to send them to some realtor who lacks integrity! I work from home, and maybe this would be a good idea for the coaching session, but I don’t really have a space for clients to come in.  I do most of it by phone. Anyhow, the call was just awesome. Like I said, I was a member of loan tool box and went with the gold system instead of renewing with them. It was good but not a systematic approach like yours. I am kind of a course junkie so I’ve used Dan Pinto’s stuff, Bob Williamson’s stuff, and yours is the best. Just the idea of using response mail (and my first mailing went to FHA streamline refis) is the best thing to ever happen to my business. I am sure I’ll do even better with my purchase mailer. Keep up the great job.

Mark Dickenson
Sr. Loan Officer

Brian, I just wanted to let you and others know that if we will follow your advice, we WILL make more money. I got the dreaded rate shopper call – It was actually a referral from a past client. He told me he was looking for the best rate and that he had already been approved by two other lenders. Against my gut (fear of losing a deal) I said, “Well, I wish you luck in finding the best rate”. He didn’t know what to say. I went on to explain that I don’t have the best rate, but I am the expert, and I could help advise him to make sure he is in the right loan for his situation, with a competitive rate. The customer met with me the next day and signed on. They will be closing in the next couple of weeks. They were so impressed they also referred their friends, who will be closing in about 45 days with a VA loan. Thanks Brian for helping give me the tools to make my business more successful and profitable. You’re AWESOME!!

Jodi White

Brian, I had a one-on-one with you at the beginning of November. I wanted to drop you an email and let you know what’s happened since. You gave me advice, I implemented it – and today I did an interview with the largest newspaper in the state. The paper is doing a full page on my company and the stated income, no doc products that we offer. Thanks to your “Self-Employed Borrowers Now Have Mortgage Options” article I’m receiving $6,500 of advertising at no cost to me! I’m only 4 months into the business and I will be perceived as the expert – in my NICHE!

Thanks Again!

Kevin Hanna



Hi Brian, I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much we enjoyed our “Day With Brian Sacks”. Our brokers and account executives thoroughly enjoyed the seminar you presented on November 11, 2004. Your presentations of “The 1O Biggest Mistakes Loan Officers Make that Cost Them $100,000’s in Lost Commissions and How to Avoid Them!” and “How To Increase Your Income Working With Buyers Who Have Had a Bankruptcy or Other Credit Issues” were outstanding. Our brokers and their staffs have given us tremendous positive feedback for the training they received. Your insights into success as a loan originator, how to avoid the pitfalls that are out there and the questions you have perfected to have borrowers open up and tell you the real reasons they have problems were priceless. The tools you have created for originators to use everyday in their business should be standard issue for anyone in the mortgage industry. In fact, our Account Executives were able to see areas of their business that could improve by implementing a few of your techniques, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. I look forward to seeing you in February and bringing as many of our brokers to your Birthday Event as possible.

With heartfelt appreciation I offer the above testimonial. I hope you and your family had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Also as we head into the holiday season I would like to wish you and your family Happy Hanukkah!

Treat every loan as if it were your own!


Bill Benson
Business Development Manager
Plantation, Florida


Brian, I wanted to take a few moments to personally thank you for taking the time to invest in the Mortgage Originating profession as a teacher, resource and mentor. Your obvious passion for the industry is evident in the content of the materials that you provide and in the way that you commit yourself to serving those of us that are looking for ways to grow our own businesses and achieve excellence in this industry. I have benefited tremendously by owning the Gold program and by being a part of your “Coaching” program. You have gone above and beyond what I had expected to receive out of the program by taking the time to invest in me personally and by helping me to develop myself and my strategies in a way that is producing tremendous success for my company! If you have others that are considering the use of your programs, please have them call me directly and I will personally close them for you! I look forward to continuing a long term relationship with you and your company and once again am very grateful to you!


Michael Eastham
Altamonte Springs, Florida


I have been a member of Brian Sacks’ Loan Officer Success System and Coaching System for approximately 1 year. I have found these systems to be vital to the success of my business. The techniques and strategies that Brian has systematized have become the template for my business. Most importantly, Brian has always been accessible and willing to answer any questions that I have had pertaining to his systems and business in general. Brian Sacks has been the mentor that I have been looking for many years and his expertise has helped me to significantly increased my exposure in my area of service.

Thank you again Brian!


Ken Schreiber
Naperville, Illinois

I purchased both, “Close More Loans, Make More Money And Have A Life” and “How To Increase Your Sales Working With Buyers Who Have Had A Bankruptcy or other credit Issues”. I am a seasoned Mortgage Professional who purchased Brian’s products in an attempt to take my business to another level. Brian’s program helped me to understand that I knew how to originate loans but had no system in place that will allow me to save time, follow up with existing and potential clients and ultimately maximize on word of mouth advertisement. I am going to implement many of Brian’s ideas that I think will help me to run a more efficient and more profitable business.

Best Regards,

Damon Carr


Brian Sacks has created books with CD-ROM’s to guide you to success. Buy them today! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Now, thanks to Brian, my business is better than ever!

Lori O’Neil (Loan Officer)

I am new to this business, your tips are awesome.

Susan Parkhurst
Loan Specialist


Thank you for the time you spent with me on Wednesday.  I found your course insightful and of value for those who are new to our business or just frustrated within the industry.  For me, the value came in the “educational course” boxed and perfected, ready to go.  We now have a tool that sets our office apart to the area Realtors.  When you simplify the “filtering” process from general marketing efforts to applications and ultimately closed loans, well, that’s where the rubber meets the road! I look forward to developing your programs within my company and gleaning information from our future consultations. Expect abundance-enjoy your day!

Shelley Sullivan
Marketing Specialist

I am one of your Gold Package students who has been studying your course. First of all, your course is a wealth of information for me. I am a new loan officer and had really no formal training. Although there is training that is provided at our company, your course has helped me stay ahead of the new loan officers that came in. Thanks again for your course. It has paved an easier path for me to learn this business learning from someone with the knowledge you are providing to newbies such as myself.

Beau Penaranda


Brian, Thanks – You are one of the few people that I have bought a product or course from who answers questions in a timely manner.  Thanks again for your support.

John Johnson

Based on my 25 years experience in the mortgage business, the information Brian provides can only be described, in a word, as ‘Excellent’.  The information comes to you from a guy who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk!  That’s the difference between Brian and all the others.  Buy his information today!  It’s a bargain no matter what the price is!

J. Davis

Brian Sacks has changed my life. After attending his workshop on “How to Close More Loans, Make More Money, and Still Have a Life” my business has increased.  But the best part is that I don’t work weekends anymore.

Dan Stevens
Loan Officer

Hello Brian, It is really kind of you to share your knowledge and experience with us loan officers who are not doing so well. I ordered your course about 2 weeks ago, and I for one can say your course is the best (compared to so many other programs that are just fluff).

Thanks again.

Patrick Taylor
Gold Member


Hi Brian, Update since coaching – I have an apartment mailing going out early next week. I drove through 2 really nice apt complexes and was able to get all the numbers so easily. I can’t believe how simple it was! I also have met with one realtor and have another coming in today who I think will be a great partner. I also had a nice lady come in and sign disclosures on a refi for which should generate $3,000 in revenue and another man coming in today who wants to buy a home, and one more lady next week. Your ideas helped and your goal setting sheet helped me to clarify what I need to do to succeed. My goal broken down looks so achievable now. Thank you. Your system works! I look forward to experiencing further successes.  Best Regards,


Matt Abney

Thank you for spending time with our loan officer network. Your enthusiasm and willingness to customize the discussion around topics that were important to National City was appreciated. One of the things that made your visit so productive was your retail loan officer experience. So many mortgage industry speakers have lost touch with what is truly going on in today’s marketplace. I would recommend your unique talents to any mortgage lender who was serious about developing their sales force.

David Hurst
Senior VP Indiana


Brian, I feel your program is the best investment I’m aware of in this industry. I look forward to continuing to receive your materials.

Michael J. McClister

Good Morning Brian, I am a new proud member of your Gold Package System and I must admit, for lack of a better term…WOW!!! Your system is jam packed with valuable information and a great number or marketing tactics. I love it!


Carlos Magana
Realtor / Lender

Hey Brian, A couple days ago I taught my first class at the real estate school in my town.  The response was incredible.  I have already had 70% of the agents call with a lead.  The school has me scheduled for 5 more classes this year.  The word “expert” and my name are starting to be used in the same sentence by people other than me.  Just thought you would like to know.  Thanks.

Tony Dean
Branch Manager NE

Brian, As on “Old Pro” who has enjoyed the benefits of the Mortgage business since 1981, I have hired, trained, and motivated 100’s of Mortgage Professionals during my career. During that time I was inundated with so called Mortgage Professionals wanting to sell me their “Systems” that was guaranteed to grow my business. Most of them hadn’t originated a loan in quite some time.  I had enjoyed my business so much and it had afforded me a lifestyle I had only dreamed about…. luxurious homes, vacations abroad, money in the bank. In fact, I was looking into ways that I could market my expertise and share my success systems with other Mortgage Professionals…

Well, lo and behold, I was barraged by E-Mails from this guy in Baltimore, Brian Sacks, and he was so darn persistent that I just had to check him out and see what he had to say.

Long story short, I ended up buying first his “Gold System” and then became a Platinum Member and Mastermind Coaching Group Member.

I had never had a Personal Mentor since I had been in the business. I was always Mentoring someone else. And as effective as I thought I was, Brian showed me ways to leverage my business by leveraging my time and generating clients 24/7. And, Brian was still originating loans every month just like me.

He showed me how to market myself as an expert in a special niche of the Mortgage business and, therefore, eliminate the “Rate Shoppers”. My clients don’t question my rates or fees because they know I am solving their problem that other Lenders were unable to solve.

I attended Brian’s “Birthday Bash” in Miami in February and it was phenomenal. By implementing some of the strategies I learned in Miami, I am growing my business at a 100% rate increase this year.

My 3 month old Radio Show has allowed me to positively influence a 5 state, 86 county market that now considers me to be the “Mortgage Expert”. People come up to me in restaurants, ball parks, at parties, and say, “Hey, we heard you on the radio”!!! We’d like to talk to you about our Home Loan because you are the “Expert”!

Thank you, Brian, you have not only taught an “old dog new tricks” but you have showed me how to do it in less time each week. My wife and family thank you as well.

Anyone interested in learning strategies for growing your business from someone who is not just talking about it but is currently doing it, give Brian a call……and tell him Walt sent you.

Walt Cameron
Heartland Funding
Springfield, MO

Brian, You don’t know me, but my name is Jaye Stovall I’ve gone through the course, but felt like I could not do ANY of the techniques that you suggested, so the kit wound-up on my shelf until a few weeks ago.

One day I was giving “guidance” to a friend of mine who was a little frustrated with the lack of clientele she had developed, after launching her new business. I told her that she had to learn everything about her business, then put herself out there as the expert – to let everyone know who she is, and most importantly, how to get in touch with her. As I talked with her, I actually found myself getting inspired. I thought, “WOW, this is amazing!! and it makes perfect sense, so why don’t I at least give it a try”…

So after our call, I got on the internet found phone numbers to 5 newspapers, and called. People were either too busy, on vacation, or just not interested. I found one newspaper – the Star News, who said that they would allow me to publish one article. That article came out and from that, I received 15 calls, and 3 new deals. Two are refi’s, and one will be a purchase. The individual who will purchase later, I put on the Get Ready Mortgage program. So I, gave him a little guidance, and when he’s ready, my boyfriend (who’s a realtor) will sell his current home, and find him a cheaper home, and of course I will do the mortgage. So not bad for free advertisement in a small south suburban newspaper.

My editor and his staff enjoyed the article so much, that they’ve asked if I would be a monthly columnist. I also got a call from their sister newspaper, and I will write different articles for them as well. I got so excited and a lot more confident about my skills, that I’ve now contacted more newspapers in the city, and have begun conversations with 2 radio stations and 2 national publications – Ebony, and Essence Magazines…I’m not sure why I called them – I guess because I read them all the time. Anyway, it turns out, that they do not allow freelance writers, instead, they may want to do a story on me!!!!! WOW!!! So I’m now in the process of getting my bio together for submission to both.

In becoming a loan officer two years ago, I only did so as a compliment to my investment business. I’m actually a real estate investor. I buy, rehab and sell my properties “lease with the option to buy”. The premise being that I would allow people with bad credit to become home owners. They remit a down payment, ( which goes towards the purchase of the home), become “tenant buyers”, get mortgage ready, and by the end of their lease, we go to closing.

The real story with these people is that once they get into my houses, they’re not interested in getting their credit handled. So in the end, they never buy. Now that I’ve discovered that phenomena, I had to find my purchase business elsewhere. I didn’t know how to develop business, and the business that I did have, was the direct result of the boyfriend referring people my way. So I felt like I needed an edge to get more loans, and not be dependent on anyone and that’s how I came in contact with your system.

I’m not sure what is to come from the all the “hype” I’m creating out here, but I have a new out look on my loan business, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the next few months.

So thank you so much for creating such a great program, and caring enough to implement your mentor calls.

I’m actually scheduled to speak with you August 3rd at 10am, but now feel like my “Agenda” needs to be changed. 🙂

Cheryl, I will keep you informed as more interesting and delicious things happen. 🙂

Jaye Stovall

Hi,  I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to me (everytime I call). I know how busy your office is and it’s truly an honor to be treated the way I am as a coaching member.

So here the story. Thank you Brian Sacks!!! Where do I start?…

In December  I learned about Brian Sacks from another marketing source. Well Brian’s Guerilla advertising worked. I decided to become a Gold Member and shortly thereafter the opportunity to join coaching came along. I was on my way, I now had the systems and the coach. But wait, Brian had a Birthday bash that was unprecedented in the mortgage industry. It was at this bash that things started to unfold. Did you know that a person has to go to Miami to meet their new business partner from Minnesota? Which incidentally is where I am from.

There are many benefits of being both a coaching member, and a gold member. For me, the biggest was the private cocktail party. It was at this party that I met a number of members from all over the country. But I also met Jeff, my future business partner. It was merely by chance or was it? I believe everything is by choice and not chance. We both were in the same group of people discussing the new systems we bought. Ironically, Jeff had purchased the same advertising system as I had. One problem, we both were going to do the same thing, a radio show!

I was at the show by myself and so was he. I asked Jeff if he had any plans for the night and he didn’t. So we decided to go to South Beach to have dinner and get to know one another. After all, most would consider someone in their own backyard competition.

However, I always enjoying meeting new people and learning new ideas. We decided that we should do the radio show together. It had a strong possibility for an audience with two mortgage people from two different companies educating consumers or so we thought. We exchanged cards in the middle of the evening and said that we should keep in touch. (How many times do we say that and never do it)?

Well we did stay in touch often calling one another about different programs and bouncing ideas off one another. While in Florida, Jeff indicated that he really liked my knowledge and that he would definitely do a loan with me sometime. You see, Jeff was not only a mortgage broker he is a realtor and investor as well!

Fast forward, In April we completed our first joint transaction together. After the closing Jeff said I have one question for you. I replied I know what it is, you want to know when I am going to start my own mortgage company right? “Yes you and I would make a great team”! I agreed and said that it would be in the future down the road perhaps.

Finally, I saw the light. I began to entertain the thought of starting my own mortgage company. When I returned home from Chicago I discussed it with my wife and she agreed. The first person I contacted was Jeff. I told him that I really wanted to find an investment property to buy and recipricate the favor. After all, we had closed two of Jeff’s investment property loans by this time. I also told him it was time to become business partners.

I am proud to announce the formation of Destination Mortgage and Investment LLC formed by gold & coaching member Jeff Winship, and gold member Jeff Schroeder. Oh yeah, our specialty is bankruptcies and challenged credit borrowers. All because someone wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday in grand style!

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you,

Jeff Winship


I had a job interview yesterday. I wanted to share with you a couple of things…

I have been in the business for 15 months. I knew that I needed a new place to work, because I needed better mentors and ways to expand my business.

When I went to the interview yesterday, the owner asked me about the ways that I was getting business now. I told him that my niche was as an educator, putting tools in people’s hands so that they made better decisions with their money. I am getting things lined up to do seminars (I am working, with a lot of encouragement, from our state Mortgage Professionals Association, to become certified and the State has told me to get this in place, because it is long overdue!)

I have a newsletter that is focused at owners of investment properties, something that I was asked to start and get in place.

What am I using? I have to tell you, a lot of ideas from Brian Sacks: the home owners packets, the information about fair debt collection practices, how they come up with those darn fico scores and the laws that are there to protect them, what the roles are of title and escrow, how to get mortgage ready. I seem to add more to these packets and information everyday. I now have two attorneys who are working with me on seminars about laws and protection.

Brian, instead of me taking notes at this interview, the owner was taking notes. He wrote down your name, your website etc. and I told him I couldn’t recommend more highly him purchasing your system for his office. He not only offered me the job (with a nice raise over what I am getting now), but he told me that he really, really wanted me to join his company and bring all of my great ideas with me.

So Brian, I owe you a world of thanks. You made me look so good. I have another interview today. I will go in with an open mind. Now, instead of coming to the interview as just another green pea in the mortgage business, I will go in as a valuable asset to their business (or I take the first job that I was offered). Thanks again! You gave me some powerful tools. I try to sharpen them and put them to use, every day.

Geneva Jones



A few days ago I received a call from one of the customers that I pre-qualified 2 months ago for a purchase transaction. She has a high credit score (780) and reasonable income but not enough for a fully documented loan…

However, because of her high credit score and fairly light debt it was easy to approve her for a stated income loan.  I spent a long time with her explaining the different loan programs that she would be qualified including the neg am option. After reviewing all the advantages and disadvantages of each program, she finally opted to go with a 5/1 I/O option stated income. So up till now I spent already a couple of good hours answering all her questions and guiding her thru the process over a couple of days. Last night she came to my office to sign up the initial loan package including the GFE. Remember yesterday was VALENTINE’S DAY. I was in the office until 9:00pm packaging this loan since it’s a purchase transaction and I have a very tight deadline. As I am trying to impress the realtor that I have no problems in closing this transaction within their time frame. So finally today I am fairly happy that I am on my way to close a fairly good loan with a great commission check in 2 weeks.

Well, well, well. At 5:00pm today I got an urgent call from my client’s mother whom I had some discussions with in the past. She went on to tell me that she was very concerned about the closing costs and she wanted to go over the numbers with me one more time. Needless to say she kept me on the phone for more than hour and a half questioning every penny and threatening to shop this loan around unless I agree to give her a steep discount on my commission. So here I am trying to hold on to this deal and spending another hour to massage the numbers again, change the GFE since it is 2 loans, and spending 2 and a half more hours than I should have just because the mother could not attend last night’s meeting. She kept apologizing for her daughter as a first time home buyer so she has to rescue her from the “evil empire”. This saga is not over yet as she will call me tomorrow to give me her final OK after she reviews the GFE one more time with my corrections. Obviously she is very savvy and has gone thru a couple of real estate transactions before and knew that with that kind of a credit score she can negotiate till her heart content.

Why am I telling you this? Because you want to listen to Brian Sacks and get the gold package so you can have a life and make more money, too. The first thing he is going to tell you is you have to become an expert in a niche where you are not subject to rate shoppers. That niche being the sub-prime market. You will still get some A paper customers but if you have the sub-prime business pipeline you have more leverage to tell those rate shoppers to go shop somewhere else if you choose to do so. I am strongly convinced that this is the way to go if you want to have a life and make more money. Please please never stay in the office on Valentine’s day until 9:00pm.”

Yoram Meromy
San Francisco, CA

Dear Brian,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you bring to loan officers around the country. I am a gold member of your Loan Officer Success series, your mastermind coaching and have also been receiving your outside the box monthly newsletter. I find that in an ever changing and challenging market that you bring insightful and useful information and strategies that can be implemented immediately and create tangible results…

I find that in an ever changing and challenging market that you bring insightful and useful information and strategies that can be implemented immediately and create tangible results. I would encourage ANYONE looking to increase their business or just becoming better at what they do to take advantage of useful strategies and information from a producing loan originator. I have found your information on bankruptcies and understanding credit to be especially useful. It has helped to give us a unique identity in our market. In other words, it’s our niche. We are better able to bring added value to our clients and in turn they are referring more and more clients each month. Brian, it has been over a year now since we had to buy a telemarketed or internet lead. All of our business is by referral only. We are perceived as credit experts and are sought out to help people when other loan officers cannot. In a market where other brokers and loan officers are struggling for business, we are experiencing record months, about 65% purchase loans. I get calls from realtors that I have never met, who were referred by other realtors. They ask me what they need to do to use our services. What a great position to be in. I hope this testimonial will spur other loan officers to learn how to “close more loans, make more money, and have a life. Thank you Brian,

Don Davis
Marysville, WA


Here is one of my bragging rights. After years trying to get the phones ringing through all forms of marketing, many of which are included in your Gold system, and a few additional forms of marketing, I had an epiphany…

If you want to create a dedicated and loyal team of realtors sending almost all of their deals to you, HIRE THEM. Most branch managers for mortgage companies are required to have their broker’s license. This sets them up for success almost immediately because if you have good realtors with a solid clientele working for you, AND you are a professional that follows through with what you say you are going to do, realtors will send deals to you out of paycheck loyalty if nothing else. This idea may not work for everyone, but it certainly seems to be working wonders for my company.

Also, I must say this in regards to the Gold system. For all of you loan officers out there that do every type of loan, QUIT. You are no longer an asset. Become a specialist. I have 4 loan officers in my office, and all of them specialize in something different. I have a commercial loan officer, a construction loan officer, an A/prime paper loan officer and of course myself, specializing in helping people with credit challenges and little to no money down realize the dream of home ownership.

As a loan officer, there is plenty of business out there for it all to go around for the people in my office. And one more very important bad habit that needs to be broken. Keep a database of previous clients and STAY IN TOUCH. Most loan officers run into previous clients that just bought another home and never called the loan officer. The most common reason: THEY FORGET HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE LOAN OFFICER. Start a database and manage it. It can cost hundreds of dollars to get a new client, and for a few extra dollars a year, you can keep that client for life. I like to call my database my CFL (clients for life) file. Send them a monthly newsletter with your picture and contact info. I like to add things to my letter that are not just market related, but also friendly things like new recipes, or a clean joke. And last but not least, remember birthdays. More importantly, remember their children’s birthdays. People can forget kindness to themselves, but they rarely forget acts of kindness to their children.

Hope some of these tips help.

Simeon Densmore
Yucca Valley, CA

I just want to take a moment and thank you for offering your time, expertise and authoring the loan origination courses I recently purchased…

“Close More Loans, Make More Money And Have A Life” and “How To Increase Your Sales Working With Buyers Who Have Had A Bankruptcy or other Credit Issues”, have made a huge impact in taking my loan originator career to the next level. The course content and loan forms have been integrated into my daily activities of prospecting and loan origination. The forms help organize the details of each loan application. I attempted to organize the loan approval process, but using your experience and course materials have filled in the gaps and made the process of approving loans less tedious and time consuming. I would gladly and highly recommend your loan origination coursework to anyone that wants to go to the next level, close more loans and create a new level of confidence and provide more free time to enjoy life after work. Thank you again for your help and willingness to answer individual questions. I am glad I invested in Brian Sacks loan origination course.

Best Regards,

Bill Yergler (Loan Specialist)


It’s very obvious to me why you are sooooo successful!…

For what it’s worth, we have taken in 15 new loans and we have secured a $200 deposit on every file or we don’t touch it!  Our overhead is now covered with the $3,000; our first deal closed today and paid us $6,700,  if this is any indication of our future commissions we will earn between $75,000 to $100,000 on these 15 files.  If we close half  of these files next month I will have increased my income by 6 times in 60 days.  Once I figured out how to play the game with your rules, I  found two referral sources that are turning down all of these borrowers. They now give us every turn down they have. We can help about 75% of the borrowers. I’m so busy…we get 3-5 referrals everyday, I have 10 referrals sitting on my desk that I have not had time to call,  and I have $600 in deposits in my desk that I haven’t had time to deposit.  This was the best deal I’ve ever invested in!

Best Regards,

Scott Brown

UPDATE: I wanted to give you an update…I have gone from $4,000 to $5,000 a month in gross revenues to over $20,000 a month since I  purchased your Gold Package in January.  The month of July looks like it could exceed $50,000…I have a minimum of 10 closings already scheduled and I have gone from 90% of my business being refi’s to 90% being sub-prime purchases…thanks again for your insight!  (My first mailing grossed me $16,000.)

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I am very glad that I purchased your gold program and here is why…

Your programs have many great ideas, just the brochures that you can edit with your personal information to me is worth the investment in themselves. They save you many hours of creation that I just don’t have!

However, that is only the beginning!  The coaching is excellent and worth the investment as well.  After going through your materials there was enough to overwhelm me a bit!  After a couple of emails discussing my situation you took the initiative to call me. That was very impressive in itself that you would take the time out of your busy schedule to call me. That’s worth tons of $$$!

Just one suggestion you gave me helped me to step back and look at the forest and make a decent commission which makes your gold course worth every penny and then some!  My family and I tip our hats to you and say thank you once again!  I look forward to our next consultation!

Branch Manager
Mortgage Director

I have been using Brian’s marketing system for about a year now and I credit a lot of my success to Brian’s systems and ideas…

I have been using Brian’s marketing system for about a year now and I credit a lot of my success to Brian’s systems and ideas.  The most fundamental thing a successful loan officer can do is focusing in on one or two particular niches and becoming an expert in that field.  In the lending business it’s easy to get scattered all over the place and offer every program to everyone.  This causes stress and makes us inefficient.  Brian got me on track and now I am focusing in one particular market and becoming the expert at that.  His system makes it easy to understand and he shows you how to get realtors knocking on your door!  The fact is I get more respect now than when I tried to be the expert at everything.  My production is double what is was a year ago.

Thanks, Brian!

Ray Walter

In reviewing the first email, my eye was caught by your “Success with Sub prime” article.  In glancing through its Table of Contents, I noticed a free white paper on Setting the Stage for Success as a Loan Officer.” Curious to see what was actually going to be offered as “free,” I clicked on it and had the most pleasant surprise I’ve had in a very, very long time…

Your free white paper gave more information, relevant information, to loan officers (and their bosses) then I have seen in books and seminars for which I’ve paid hundreds of dollars!  You have a new fan, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you, not for just being a good writer, but for sharing, at no cost to the reader, some of the most meaningful information a new or long-time loan officer could receive.

I appreciate what you are doing – sharing information, particularly with new loan officers, is also one of my passions. To see someone else do it, and do it so well, is just very encouraging to me.  I’ve been in the business 27 years and I’ve only written a handful of similar “thank you” notes – but you sure deserve this one.  Thanks and let me also say “thanks” from those really good people you may never hear from, whom you have now given ideas and  methods that will keep them in our business. Thanks again.

Harry Johnson
Regional Vice President

Just a brief update! Today I had my first presentation with a Century 21 office in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I shared with them how I was different from every other loan officer and that I was not going to fill their box with rate sheets and donuts, but I wanted to help them increase their business. After sharing a marketing idea that I got in one of your systems (I am a gold member) I got some great results…

There were 16 agents present. I had 1 realtor call me within 20 minutes of my leaving their office, and 12 cards from people that said I could contact them in the future. I have an appointment to meet with this realtor on Friday. The nice thing about it was after my presentation the broker actually told her agents that they should really look into doing business with me. Also, this broker runs another highly successful office in another city and has invited me there too. In another incident, I have made my niche work with investors. In doing this I get to pre-qualify their tenants who have credit issues. So the working with investors and working with credit challenged people go hand in hand. After getting your system as well and joining a leads group (which had a highly successful agent who was already on my target list as a member) I got to get up and give a 30 second elevator speech. I said I am Brent with CFIC Home mortgage. I specialize in working with investors who are looking to put little money down and also with people who have had past bankruptcies and credit issues get a home with a low down payment and a low rate. 1 day after the meeting I got a phone call from that realtor giving me a lead from an investor who did 5 transactions last month. He has tenants he wants to sell some single family homes to and said that I could pre-qualify those people for him. I am glad I became a member.


Brent Spychalski
Mortgage Expert

It has been my privilege to have the opportunity to work with Brian Sacks over the past year…

Brian has been an active member of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors for many years, has served as Chairman of the Finance Committee and was selected as Affiliate of the Year. Brian has taught at seminars sponsored by GBBR in conjunction with National Homeowners Week and has instructed classes for the Annual GBBR Mortgage Symposium. Brian currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Education Committee and brings innovative ideas from his perspective to share with the committee. Not only does he introduce new ideas, he is always ready to put them into action. Brian is also popular, dynamic and knowledgeable instructor who teaches Continuing Education on a regular basis at GBBR. He is always willing to give of his time to keep members and participants up to date with what is going on in the industry. We continually receive feedback from people who attend Brian’s classes at GBBR, such as “Brian is great! Presentation-Outstanding! Organization-Super!” “Brian has a great personality and never lets the course get boring.” On a scale from 1-10 he is a “10+”. “Excellent course and instructor.” “I am very happy I attended and I would recommend Brian’s class to all agents.” Brian is a professional instructor who is versatile, full of energy, keeps you thinking and is an expert in his field. I highly recommend his courses to all real estate professionals. Please contact me, if you would like any further information on Brian Sacks.



Stacy Piet
Director of Education

Thank you so much for calling me today and taking time from your busy schedule…

I feel special to get to talk to the “Big Guy” himself.  You should have heard the buzz around the office.  ‘Jamie’s talking to Brian Sacks, himself!!!’  I don’t think they would have been more excited if President Bush had called me. Obviously, you’re held in high regard around here.  I have the other ladies in the office reading your materials as well.

I just wanted to let you know how much I have learned from your materials and how it has expanded my thinking in ways I had not considered before.  You’ve given me encouragement to step out of my comfort zone and to see myself as an expert with something of value to offer.  The concept of having customers sold on my services and pursuing me is far different from what all the other programs on the market are teaching.  I especially like the idea of closing loans with greater profit margins instead of working toward greater volume.  That really works for me!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with me again.

Best wishes and may God bless you, your family and your business,


Jamie H. Harrington
North Carolina


Brian: Felt the Credit Seminar very worthwhile. Definitely a fresh perspective to the Credit Reporting System…and what at best can be called “imprecise”. We loved all the “yes and no” answers.

The good news is the credit reporting system allows us to become even more the “expert” for our market. Recently we are seeing the major players, making a push into sub-prime, asking prospective borrowers, why they should pay thousands of dollars in closing costs, when they have closing costs of $995. Don’t believe for a second the “loan officers” at the “loan factories” have a fraction of the knowledge we impart to our niche sub-prime market and you are the prime source for that knowledge.

As a marketing guy I have always believed there can be only one “low price” leader in any market. I have chosen to take my company out of that rat race. Your programs and the support you are supplying to loan officers and brokers across the country will allow us to grow in our niche market and not have to worry about “what the market will do or that big guy down the street”.

Our goal remains to become, if not one of the dominant, forces for the bankruptcy and credit challenged borrower in Southern California.

Thanks again and we look forward to supporting your programs to the best of our abilities.

Continued Success,

Bob Bienias



Hi Brian,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you have done to educate those of us in our industry and to share with you a recent experience that I had…

After reading your email yesterday concerning the newbie loan officer that was questioning your fees and cost of education, I felt it was time to send you some encouragement. Although, I have to say that I have been where this young man is so I can’t be too critical. I’m just glad I’m not in that place any longer.

A couple of week’s ago, I was at a loan closing at an attorney’s office out of town. His office is in an office complex that also has about 3 other mortgage companies located in it. As I was leaving, I entered the elevator with three other people. I noticed on their name tags that they were with one of the mortgage companies in the building and they were all abuzz about what they were planning to do with their day. I seemed to be invisible. As they were going through their list of realtors together, I picked up on the phrase ‘doughnuting’.

I couldn’t help myself any longer so I interrupted, introduced myself and told them that I owned a mortgage company out of town. They suddenly become quiet, the air of excitement deadened and they said, ‘yea, we’ve heard of you’. I smiled and asked ‘how is business’ and they said, ‘Just fine’ and the conversation ended. As we excited the elevator, I smiled and wished them success on their realtor visits and walked to my car. I watched them walk over to a big black suburban, open the doors and I saw literally dozens of boxes of doughnuts loaded in this vehicle. This was about 10:00am and they already looked tired, concerned and unhealthy. They climbed into the car and drove away. As I watched them leave, the first thing I thought was ‘Thank you Dear Lord for that not being me’ and then I thought, Thank you Brian Sacks for teaching me to do things differently.

One thing I would like to point out is that, even though I’ve been in business for ten years, these folks have been around a lot longer than I have. I have no doubt that they know their loan program guidelines and can close a loan as efficiently as the next guy, that they are probably very nice hard working people and are good to their customers. I’m sure they have competitive rates and don’t overcharge on their closing costs or bait and switch anyone.

But, they are clueless about marketing and clueless about what their customers or realtors really want from them. I seriously doubt they have invested any time or money in their education other than attending annual conferences and playing in the golf tournaments. Well, obviously or they wouldn’t be ‘doughnuting’ realtors. They could have educated themselves just like I did. Coming from an accounting background, I was clueless myself and foolishly thought that if I just did a good job, they would come and they would all love me because I’m nice and honest.

Not true! So, here I am on a regular basis closing loans in their town, while they are busy doughnuting. I’ll never forget that term. I was almost sad for them but at the same time, it was no one’s fault but their own. Brian, you may be thinking, why didn’t I tell them about you? Save them from themselves! But, I remembered something Dan Kennedy said about making money in the dark – we don’t tell everything we know, so sorry. Locally, you are one of my best kept secrets. I hope this encourages you and let’s you know that your systems work and there are many people that are appreciative of you and glad that you’re not as secretive as I am.

I’ve used many aspects of your programs to work my niche market of first time homebuyers, with and without credit issues. We’ve developed good relationships with realtors. The realtor update concept alone was worth the price of your programs. They love it and are always commenting on it and how no one else does that. I’ve spent a lot of weekends reading and studying and educating myself. Things didn’t change over night, it has taken time. But, now I am reaping the rewards. As you said before, there’s no quick fix but there’s good material available to help us become better and I’m always starving for that information. Thanks again and I wish you much continued success.

Keep up the good work. Must go, I have loans to close!

James Harrington
Mortgage Planners


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