Great Question From A Loan Officer- Is This Your Question too?

Brian- I know you are very big on getting deals from Realtors but I simply can’t stand them. They always give me the brush off and are all so demanding.

Any advice- now that rates are headed up – I probably need to consider ways to get more business.


Tom – this is an excellent question and one that many originators are probably struggling with. I will keep my answer brief.

First- Not every realtor is mean and demanding – they simply are looking for a partner they can trust. Remember when a Realtor gives you a deal they are trusting you with their reputation and their commission check.

The best way to build the relationship is for YOU to control the buyers and get them BEFORE they get to an agent.

Here are a few ways I do this and you can too.

1. Targeted and Consistent Apartment Mailing

2. Become a local TV and Radio Personality- much easier than you think to do

3. Pick a niche and market to those buyers. The niche I have is Buyers who are now known as BOOMERANG buyers who had a challenge during the meltdown and are ready to buy again.

In fact- I just finished with my first group of members in THE BOOMERANG EXPERT IMPLEMENTATION program and many are sharing their success stories with me. I will be reopening the program soon at but send me an e-mail to if you want to get on the waiting list.

Working with agents is awesome when they need you more than you need them!

SECOND- If you want to work with agents who will love you the key is communication.
Each and every week I do a status update to all of my listing and selling agents.
I communicate after loan app- I communicate weekly on the status- and I communicate before closing and after closing.

REMEMBER THIS– Agents care about what you know – but they also need to know you care- Especially since their reputations and commissions are on the

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator



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Do You Know Mickey M? This is how to get Realtors and Other Partners

I’m sure you know that many families are struggling in this economy. The news tells us things are getting better and maybe they are for some people but many are still struggling.

Last week I got a call from one of my son’s friends Dad. He’s a great guy and has been very successful running a division of a Fortune 100 company. He was earning a major 6 (almost 7 figure) income.

He wanted to know how I knew a person named Mickey M? At first I had no idea who Mickey M. was or that I even knew him. So I asked him how he knew that I knew Mickey and what this was all about.

The week before he had lost his job and was now trying to network with people he knew. So he looked me up on Linked In and went thru my connections. He saw that I was a 1st level connection with Mickey M.


Apparently Mickey is the president of an International Executive Search firm that specializes in his industry. He wanted me to call Mickey and make an introduction since Mickey would never take his call.

I love to help my friends but I truly had NO IDEA who the heck Mickey was or how we knew each other. So I was very nervous when I first called Mickey since I didn’t want to be embarrassed.


Mickey’s secretary picked up the phone and asked my name and if I had an appointment with Mickey. I said no but then she said “Mickey is coming to the phone”

When he got on he immediately asked – “Hey Brian – How’s Matt? Has he decided which college he’s going to ? He’s such a great boy and such a talented Lacrosse player. I truly enjoyed coaching him”


My son IS a great lacrosse player and Mickey had coached him for 1 single 3 day ALL STAR tournament 2 years ago.

To be fair- I still had no idea WHO he was since my son plays in a lot of tournaments , but we began speaking and I told him why I was calling and asked if he would do me a personal favor and speak to my friend and try to help him

He then immediately called my friend and is now helping him secure a job!

Yesterday I went to lunch and he told me how Mickey is a legend in his industry but a person who is only able to be reached by CEO’s of the largest manufacturing companies not just in the US but in the WORLD. This is a person he would never ever be able to get to!


You know that old saying right-“It’s not WHAT you know- It’s WHO you know”

Now go check out your own Connections-

Who do you know?

Who should you know?

Who are you connected to that can connect you to a Realtor- Builder – Accountant- Financial Planner or other Referral Partner.

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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37 New Realtors Instantly?


We all struggle so hard to get Realtors to give us business. Frustrating isn’t it. I am not going to go into the obvious solution- which of course is to get buyers pre-approved BEFORE agents get to them. This question always puzzled me. I would drop off rate sheets. I would bring food. I would beg. I would have lunch. I would spend hours doing open house spread sheets. I would worry! I could go on and on but I know you get the point and feel the pain too. Then it dawned on me. Why not go where there the Realtors are. Where there are NO BARRIERS and in fact you are welcomed as a respected guest. Do you have any idea where this magical place might be?

IT’S YOUR LOCAL BOARD OF REALTORS. You should join and become active in your local board. This is a way to meet Realtors in a friendly setting as a peer instead of a vendor or beggar. But there are more opportunities as well. Realtors like loan officers need continuing credit hours to renew their license. Why not teach a class? It could be on any topic related to mortgage financing , even a basic mortgage course for new Realtors.

Next week I will be teaching a 1.5 hour continuing credit course at my local board. The course will be on How To Increase Your Closings Working With Boomerang Buyers. There are already 37 Realtors signed up and we will likely have double that. SO IMAGINE FOR A MINUTE The board has now promoted you and ( your expertise) and your course. The Realtors in attendance now get to meet you and know you and like you instead of meeting them one at a time. The fact that you are teaching- shows them you are an expert. TRY THIS- you will leave with new relationships and probably a few new loans!

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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