Back in 1985 I was a 21 year old kid and just starting out to make my millions in the Real- Estate business. I had just gotten my real -estate license and was hot to trot to sell some homes.

No one told me that homes weren’t selling and times were bad because rates were at 18% so I just went out and sold homes. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss.


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Do you have the Dr. Phil Syndrome?

You may know that my Loan Officer Tips Newsletter is one of the fastest growing groups in our ​industry on LinkedIn. But as I watch the posts on social media, I am starting to see something that is very disturbing.

There are lots of “Gurus” in our industry providing advice and I see many originators who are struggling to find ways to consistently grow their production with purchase deals.

So who do you listen to?
Over the years I have learned a few important things:

1. If you try to do everything you will wind up doing nothing.
2. You MUST be careful who you listen to.


If you have ever watched the Dr. Phil Show you will see he is not exactly skinny right? But he offers weight loss advice.

For years I studied Napoleon Hill who is the author of Think and Grow Rich. This is supposed to be the manual on how to build a business and lead a successful life. One day one of my high level coaching members gave me a special present. The Napoleon Hill Autobiography.

GUESS WHAT- Napoleon Hill lived most of his life broke and with a family that absolutely hated him.

So who should you listen to? Here are some criteria.

1. Does the person DO (not did) what they are telling YOU to do?

2. Can they show you the success they are having or mistakes to avoid?

3. If they are selling a program or system- Do they guarantee it?

4. Are they true to their mission and acting and speaking consistently with it.
Often you will find “Guru’s” just saying a number of things- none consistent with each other just to see what resonates with their group.

So what am I ABOUT?

  • I originate every single day just like you.
  • My beliefs are built on 30 years of originating and here’s what I have learned.
  1. You MUST control the buyer- when you do agents will chase you and you will control your income – not put it in the hands of someone else.
  2. You must Pick a Niche- Become the Expert – And let Everyone Know about it so you are not always price shopped. Stop trying to be everything to everyone which only turns you into a commodity.
  3. You must have systems in place that provide a consistent flow of new leads who are already sold on using you BEFORE they even speak with you.

If this is resonating with you – leave us your thoughts.

In fact- the two systems I am working on right now- and using successfully in my own business – meet all 3 of the criteria above and will be guaranteed and showing real life samples of what works ( today!) and what mistakes to avoid.

I hope to have the first of these systems available soon…so stay tuned.

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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