Morning or Evening ?

I am writing this article at 7:18 am  while many of you are still sleeping.

But I have been at my desk since 6:45am.

Our job as originators is a bit crazy right? We hear terms such as “feast or famine” and all or nothing.

That is very true- but a topic for another post that deals with having consistent business.

I like to get in early  and get work done before the phones go crazy and the e-mails blow up. But what I wanted to share with you in this article is more about knowing your own “peak” times.  What time of day are YOU operating at your peak?

There is no right or wrong answer – since this varies for each of us. Some prefer being a night owl- some prefer to rise early.

The important idea is to do your creative marketing-writing-planning-and implementing during the time of day that you are free from distractions and can operate at peak efficiency.

TIP- Block these times and get into a routine. Know what you are trying to accomplish and have a detailed plan for getting it done!

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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I am writing this to you on the 30th – crazy busy day and a great closing month. Every month I review my business  to find out which marketing startegies are working and where my loans are coming from.

If not you should – start fresh in July! Just take out a sheet of paper and write ORIGINATIONS on one side and CLOSINGS on the other side. If you are technical use an excel spreadsheet.Create the following columns -Date- Name- Source- Loan Amount- Loan Type

Every time you originate ( not prequal) a new loan or one closes fill out your chartOn the first of every month go back and review:

What worked?

What didn’t?


Looking at my pipeline- originations for the month and closings one thingJUMPS out at me–“He or She that controls the buyer -controls the income of everyone else in the transaction”A long time ago I decided that person needs to be ME and my students. So I will very soon be releasing my RENTERS INTO LOANS system. Check out the 15 minute video at

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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Great Question From A Loan Officer- Is This Your Question too?

Brian- I know you are very big on getting deals from Realtors but I simply can’t stand them. They always give me the brush off and are all so demanding.

Any advice- now that rates are headed up – I probably need to consider ways to get more business.


Tom – this is an excellent question and one that many originators are probably struggling with. I will keep my answer brief.

First- Not every realtor is mean and demanding – they simply are looking for a partner they can trust. Remember when a Realtor gives you a deal they are trusting you with their reputation and their commission check.

The best way to build the relationship is for YOU to control the buyers and get them BEFORE they get to an agent.

Here are a few ways I do this and you can too.

1. Targeted and Consistent Apartment Mailing

2. Become a local TV and Radio Personality- much easier than you think to do

3. Pick a niche and market to those buyers. The niche I have is Buyers who are now known as BOOMERANG buyers who had a challenge during the meltdown and are ready to buy again.

In fact- I just finished with my first group of members in THE BOOMERANG EXPERT IMPLEMENTATION program and many are sharing their success stories with me. I will be reopening the program soon at but send me an e-mail to if you want to get on the waiting list.

Working with agents is awesome when they need you more than you need them!

SECOND- If you want to work with agents who will love you the key is communication.
Each and every week I do a status update to all of my listing and selling agents.
I communicate after loan app- I communicate weekly on the status- and I communicate before closing and after closing.

REMEMBER THIS– Agents care about what you know – but they also need to know you care- Especially since their reputations and commissions are on the

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator



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