Read BEFORE You Finish Planning 2018 – Originators -Rubber bands and Tom

I want to share a bit of a painful lesson with you since i know we are all making plans for 2018.
We think about what can be- what could be – what might have been. But this secret I want to share with you is THE ONE AND ONLY THING that will determine if you achieve those goals or if they are just dreams.

This may sound harsh- but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen.

The truth is that you will ONLY acheive to the level that is consistent with your self image.
If you see yourself doing 5 loans you may once in a while do more than 5 but you will quickly
SUBCONSIOUSLY go back to doing 5.

In order to get to the next level that you are planning and hoping more you must first start seeing yourself as a 10 deal a month originator. There are a number of ways to do this but I can’t cover them all here.

However one of the best ways to do this is to have visual reminders. and taking the time to visualize yourself already achieving this milestone consistently.

By now you probably know that I have taken all of my courses off the market so I can focus 100% on a special program I am calling Top Originator Mastermind and I will be releasing it after the 1st of the year.
If you want to get on the early bird notification list go here now- you wlll be the first to know when we open up and I will be providing content to serious originators on this list.

But I also need a favor from you that will literally take 1 minute- maybe less

One of the visual reminders I will be giving members of the Top Originator Mastermind is wristband to wear and I would love your opinion on what it should say so you can have your daily reminder.

Simply because this is exactly what I described earlier in this article.
Pull on the band and it will snap right back – that is exactly what happens when you out perform your own self image.

Have a great day and I appreciate you being a subscriber. Watch your box for some more great
strategies and tactics coming your way soon.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks
Top Originator Secrets
Now go ahead and take the 1 question survey-

Then get on the Top Originator Mastermind EarlY Bird List-

And of course really take some quite time alone to make sure your goals are in sync with your self image- if they are not- you either have to amend the goals or work on your self image and start “seeing” yourself doing it.

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Can A Loan Officer Have An UNFAIR Edge?

We are all in a tough business.
Most of us have all of the same programs and all of our rates are pretty similar.

I have always taught originators how to become the expert in a niche and to market directly to buyers before agents
get to them.


We can all market on facebook- and linked in and send mail etc. That’s part of the reason we are only judged on price because we all look the same.

The UNFAIR EDGE comes into play when you are speaking to Realtors- Referral Sources and Prospects.

What you say matters.
What THEY say and the words they use to say it matters and can give us clues on how to sell to them.

You must know how to persuade and manipulate if you are going to be successful. These are not dirty words at all.
Think about what happens with your spouse or children or co-workers – it’s all persuasion and manipulation

Someone will get their desired goal and someone will not

Here’s a new program I just put together and it’s all about how any loan officer can gain this unfair edge.
Truthfully these are all hard learned lessons over my 31 years in the business that will help you too.

No theory – no fluff – but first you have to truly believe that knowing how to persuade and manipulate everyone you come into contact with is THAT IMPORTANT !

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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