I just got off the phone with a borrower who was very upset about an e-mail they received. Ever have that happen to you?

You write or read something and totally misinterpret what was being said or what was meant by that comment. Yes, it’s very easy to shoot off an e-mail, especially when you are very busy and not really give it much thought.

You’ve probably heard the saying that for a buyer to work with you they must KNOW- LIKE- TRUST you. That’s is not an easy task to accomplish for any of us but let’s take a step back and think about this a little more.

Think about this article – would you rather see me giving you this information or would you prefer reading it?

E-Mail is efficient but not always effective. Think about all of the things an e-mail must do in order to be read.

1. It must be delivered- not always that easy.

2. It must be received. That’s hard with spam filters on overdrive these days.

3. It must be opened. If you are like me you delete emails without opening them if they don’t immediately catch your attention or seem like a sales pitch.

4. It must be read- once again- not easy in this busy world.

5. It must be acted on. Actually it must be acted on immediately or people simply forget and never get back to it.


I am NOT suggesting that you don’t e-mail. But I have found a way to break thru the clutter if you need to make a relationship or advance one.

What if you could e-mail a video without knowing all the BS of uploading and technical nonsense.

Here’s what I found and am using every day with my realtors and prospects. Try it and let me know what you think.

We are programmed as humans to make impressions based on visual ques that you simply cannot show in a normal e-mail. With video your buyers and partners will be able to hear your tone- see your expression and hear your words.

This allows them to feel like they KNOW YOU – TRUST YOU and LIKE YOU !

Give it a try I think you will see some cool results.

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator



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