Recently, Brian has been the featured speaker for numerous organizations including:

[list][list-child icon=”fa-check”]Georgia Association of Mortgage Professionals[/list-child]
[list-child icon=”fa-check”]Pennsylvania Mortgage Bankers Association[/list-child]
[list-child icon=”fa-check”]Mortgage Originator Magazine Speakers Series[/list-child]
[list-child icon=”fa-check”]ACUMA[/list-child]
[list-child icon=”fa-check”]My CU Mortgage — National City Mortgage[/list-child][/list]

Interested in having Brian speak to your organization send an e-mail to
loanofficertips@gmail.com or call us at 410-420-2343

His Seminar Topics Include:

– How To Close More Loans, Make More Money and Have a Life

– How To Increase Your Income Working With The 7.3 Million Boomerang Buyers Who Have Had a Bankruptcy or Other Credit Issues- Profit

– The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Loan Officers Make That Cost Them Over $100,000 in Lost Commission and What To Do To Correct I

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Hi Brian,

I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much we enjoyed our “Day With Brian Sacks”. Our brokers and account executives thoroughly enjoyed the seminar you presented on November 11, 2004. Your presentations of “The 1O Biggest Mistakes Loan Officers Make that Cost Them $100,000’s in Lost Commissions and How to Avoid Them!” and “How To Increase Your Income Working With Buyers Who Have Had a Bankruptcy or Other Credit Issues” were outstanding. Our brokers and their staffs have given us tremendous positive feedback for the training they received. Your insights into success as a loan originator, how to avoid the pitfalls that are out there and the questions you have perfected to have borrowers open up and tell you the real reasons they have problems were priceless. The tools you have created for originators to use everyday in their business should be standard issue for anyone in the mortgage industry. In fact, our Account Executives were able to see areas of their business that could improve by implementing a few of your techniques, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. I look forward to seeing you in February and bringing as many of our brokers to your Birthday Event as possible.

With heartfelt appreciation I offer the above testimonial. I hope you and your family had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Also as we head into the holiday season I would like to wish you and your family Happy Hanukkah!

Treat every loan as if it were your own!


Bill Benson Business Development Manager Plantation, FL


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Thank you for spending time with our loan officer network. Your enthusiasm and willingness to customize the discussion around topics that were important to our company was appreciated. One of the things that made your visit so productive was your retail loan officer experience. So many mortgage industry speakers have lost touch with what is truly going on in today’s marketplace. I would recommend your unique talents to any mortgage lender who was serious about developing their sales force.

David Hurst Senior VP Indiana


Interested in having Brian speak to your organization send an e-mail to loanofficertips@gmail.com or call us at 410-420-2343

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