Questions Originators Ask

I’ve been originating for over 34 years and yet I still find myself with some very nagging questions
about this business and how it works.

Have you ever wondered
– Why Agents Will Chose One Originator over another when the one they choose is less competent?

– Why Buyers get pre-approval letters from you but then shop your quote around and wind up using another company?

– How to get past clients to refer you?

– Why you kill yourself and your team to get a tough deal done – on time and yet never get another referral from that agent?

I actually could go on for a few pages about all of the questions that have troubled me in this business but I am sure you have many you could add as well. It’s almost like the questions men ask about not understanding women and vice versa.

See most of us think the key to success is running Facebook, or having coffee with agents , or going to offices to beg for business.

Some will tell you that they have a script you can use.

Well how’s that working out for you ?

The real path to success is to understand WHY people do what they do … or don’t!

Then you need to have the tactics and psychology in place to MAKE them do what you want and need to do.

If you wonder why what you are trying doesn’t work it’s mainly because NOTHING WORKS unless you know how to
– ATTRACT instead of chase.
– PERSUADE instead of SCREAM
– Motivate and Influence instead of hope

That’s why I actually became a student of persuasion and learned from the best over the past 20 years.
It’s truly like having an UNFAIR EDGE and once you have this edge you have the ability to actually control your business, your income and your life.

I have also wondered why no one else in our industry has ever shared these tactics. I can only think of two reasons.
First – they know them but don’t want anyone else to learn them?
If that’s the case they are selfish and have a scarcity mindset.
Or the most likely answer they simply don’t know these little known but career changing information.

Actually there is a third- There are so called “gurus” who either never originated or did so 100 years ago and they would rather just have you buy their “tools” They use these secrets to get you to buy their materials.

Let me ask you a simple question-
If you are using Facebook or Zillow or whatever – and you are getting calls-
That is all of ZERO value if you can’t close them- and you can’t close them without understanding persusaion and WHY people will or will not choose you.

Anyway- become a student of persuasion – it’s the most important skill you can have to grow your production.

I have put together a program called the LO UNFAIR EDGE that not only shares the 22 Persuasion Secrets
but I took this all a step further and show you how to use them in the mortgage business. Then I actually give you the actual tools I use everyday so you can simply copy and start using them immediately to explode your prodution and have the UNFAIR EDGE in your city.

Check it out here
Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks
PS- BTW- here’s how to learn more about the program.
I also added a way for you to try it for a full six months
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