Today marks 19 years that my father passed away and truthfully I still miss him everyday.  His life was always a challenge growing up right in the heat of the big depression and then immediately going off to WW2 to fight.  He was forced to drop out of elementary school ( crazy right?) to go to work in a factory to help support his parents and 8 siblings.
When he came back from WW2 he opened a shoe store and bought some real estate but one of his tenannts got injured and he was forced into bankruptcy. I can still picture him standing on the corner in front of his store and saying It’s too hot- that’s why no customers are coming in It’s too cold it’s Raining  It’s snowing The people don’t have jobs This was going on in the 70’s which were tough times economically and he had a small store on a major downtown street.
This was before malls came into being but the other stores on the street seemed to all be doing ok. My dad was a great dad but he always struggled. He worked hard yet it never seemed to work out for him so he always came up with logical reasons why.
These memories and experiences taught me a few life lessons.
1. Excuses don’t pay bills and you must always keep moving forward
2. I never wanted to be in retail and tied to one location 7 days a week.
I unfortunately find that many originators also make excuses.
1. Agents aren’t loyal
2. They have their own in house company
3. If only our rates and programs were better
4. That guy is paying for their ads or desk  so of course he gets their business

Honestly- there is ALWAYS business to be had and your job is to make sure you are always getting your share.

You can make excuses or you can close deals. Please take this one to heart and be honest with yourself.

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Brian Sacks
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