My Daughter- This Wednesday – Your Agents –

Good Morning from beautiful Ft Lauderdale Florida where I am visiting my daughter.

Now if I received an e-mail with that subject line my first reaction would be great but who cares so please stay with me so you can see
how this impacts every originator and the amount of loans you close each month.

When you are away from the office and trying to relax or spend time with family do you secretly have a problem because you can’t stop thinking about the calls you are missing. Or even worse- you take the calls and destroy your away time and family time.

There is a solution and I will be covering it this coming Wed that 18th . I hope you can join me

Here are the issues I will cover on this training.

1. How to generate a consistent amount of new buyers you can turn over to agents.

2. How to make these agents loyal because you have something they want and need which of course is pre approved buyers

3. The system that took me years and 10’s of thousands to create and perfect so it becomes almost like an assembly line.

But maybe here is the most important part of all and you really need to STOP and think about this.

The system I created -targets buyers we already know we can help
It sends them to a special place where they actually are sold on using you BEFORE they even call- no convincing or sales pitch needed.
Then it follows up with them automatically for 12 months.

Be honest you know we all need help with follow up right?

Hope you can make it  grab your seat right now

Have a great weekend
Brian Sacks

PS- I will be spending the weekend with my daughter and will be able to be “present” with out needing to speak with anyone
but still knowing I will have new deals monday when I get back
If you can not currently do the same you should drop whatever you are doing and grab a seat

PPS- will there be a replay?
Normally I would say yes but don’t count on it
The last training we did was not able to be recorded but why risk it anyway?

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