Most Loan Officers Think This Is A Dirty Word — Do You?

Some loan officers think this is a dirty word.

When I have used it with my Platinum Coaching Members many were shocked. It made some very uncomfortable.

What’s the word? – It’s MANIPULATION and if you don’t know how to manipulate people you can never be successful.

SORRY- but that is the truth.

You are either being controlled or you are in control.

Let me give you some examples

Tired of Working Hard and Doing a Great Job But Agents Still Go Elsewhere?

Tired of Begging Your Processor and Closers Just To Do Their Job?

Fed Up With Chasing Agents Who Just Won’t Call You Back or Meet You?

Disgusted with Buyers Who Waste Your Time But Elsewhere For A Better Rate Even After You Have Given
Them A Pre -Approval Letter?

Heck you might even be frustrated with your spouse and kids.

That’s why I have created the LOAN OFFICER UNFAIR EDGE

Go check it out for yourself and see if it can finally solve some of the big challanges you are having

Enjoy the weekend
Brian Sacks

BTW- These are the tools I have personally used and created so I know they work.
I have seen lot’s of “teachers” in our industry but no one has ever shared this type of information in our
industry before.

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