BrianSacks Top Originator Strategy 6- Best Place To Meet Agents

It always seems to amaze me that originators feel they must have coffee and lunch with agents ..or even worse.. spend their weekends running to open houses.

The big issue with going to open houses on the weekends is that in many cases you are only meeting the lower level assistants or other agents who are capable of giving you business because they have no business to give you.. which is why they are sitting at an open house.

The other BIG ISSUE is that when you chase business you are actually pushing it away– it’s far better to attract it.
Don’t feel bad- it took me a very long time to figure this out.

The best way to attract agents is to have them see you as an expert and approach you. You can do this by using strategy 14 in the
48 Proven Ways To Close More Loans system which is to join your local Board of Realtors- Become active on a committee and start teaching classes.

I personally sit on the Education Committee of my local board in Baltimore. This allows you to meet other committee members who are mostly agents as a peer.

Teaching the classes for CE credits allow you to get in front of a room of agents and share your expertise (* this costs you ZERO to implement) I teach courses on Buyers with Credit Challenges, Renovation Programs and A new class on working with self employed buyers.

Go ahead and join yours right now-and let me know how it works out
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