Jan 20th- This is a Game Changer For Originators- Can You Make It?

WE all know that Realtors can be a source of business but what if you never had to beg a Realtor for business again.  Life would be great huh?

What if you had an expertise that had them chasing you since their in -house or normal go to originators have no

idea how to help this group of buyers?

Live Training Jan 20th –  I will show you how YOU can become in the expert in this niche of 7.3 million buyers now in the market that almost no other originators are going after.


Grab your seat



Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,

Brian Sacks


PS- Come to think of it- you can actually market to other loan officers for these loans too?

How’s that for a game changer.

Grab your seat

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