Is This A Loan Officers Dream Situation? LIVE TRAINING April 20 , 2017

Have you ever wondered that it would be like to be Welcomed into a Closed Realtor office that has an in house LO?

Have you ever wished you had borrowers who would NEVER shop you ?

Ever wonder what your production would be like if you were a sought after expert and not just another head of lettuce LO?

What about spending ZERO on marketing and walking out of the room with several new deals from Realtors you just met.

The simple fact is anyone can do this once I show you how – and I will be doing exactly that on April 20th from 4-5 Eastern

So grab your seat here before they are all taken

Hope you can make it because I am not sure if we will have a replay…

Brian Sacks

BTW- you will want to grab a pen and paper and make sure you down load the handout
This information is NOT being covered by anyone else in our industry – but it happens to be my areas of expertise and I will share it all with you. This is the type of information that can change your business but only if you make it your priority and save your seat right now.

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