Imagine -Strategy 1- Making 2020 Your Best Year Ever Series

Imagine- Strategy One
This is the time of year where we are all looking for ways to make 2020 a great year. So I decided to share with you some

of the best of the best ideas I used in 2019 from now until the 31st you might even want to save them in a folder or share them

Today- Strategy 1 
On Monday I will be having a very special lunch with six people. They have become a great referral source for me and I bet you won’t guess who they are. Let me give you a hint

They are not agents, builders, accountants, attorneys, insurance agents or planners.

They are originators just like you and me.

Two or three times a year I get together with them and we update each other on what’s working, what isn’t and new products we each have.

Yeah, I am sure it seems strange at first but each of them have a different area of expertise. Mine is working with boomerang buyers. But one of them does reverses, the other does construction perms, the other small balance commercial, one does hard money investor loans, There is even a credit union originator in the group.

Each of us has our own niche and we are able to refer each other when we run into a client that needs a program we don’t offer or have expertise in.

This way we can each be a resource for each other and also be up to date on market conditions , marketing ideas, etc,

Try it.
Go identify some of your peers – they are not really competitors- and watch your production grow

This is actually strategy number 33 in the 48 Proven Ways To Immediately  Grow Your Production 

Stay tuned tommorow for Strategy 2

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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