If It’s Going To Be– IT’s Up To Me

This article recently appeared in The National Mortgage Professional Jan 2015 Edition


As we start 2015 many originators have made their goals and are ready to implement them.  Some will reach those goals while others simply will end 2015 wondering what went wrong.

The best way to start the year is to look back at 2014. What went as planned? What didn’t go as planned? Why?

There is usually much more to learn from your mistakes then there are from your successes. How many times have you put a plan together and seen it thru to success. Than you move on to something else that catches your attention and never go back to what was working?


Recently I posted a survey to my subscribers at www.AgentsChaseYou.com and asked them this very question.

“What Was Your Biggest Mistake in 2014?”

Here are just some of the responses:

Goal setting and review was weak.

Not enough contact with Realtors!

Staying in the mortgage business

Not networking enough.

Not working hard enough

Not effectively expanding realtor referral base

Spending money advertising with Angie’s List

Not staying in touch with my database of past clients.

staying with the wrong company too long

Being completely unmotivated

Taking my eye off the ball. Not asking enough  questions when speaking to new clients

Choosing the wrong recruiter.

As you read this do you see a pattern?

During my almost 30 years in the business I have been an originator, a manager, a regional manager and the founder and president of a large training and consulting company.  I have seen all sorts of markets and every type of originator.

The responses above made me think back to my first years in the business. I was working for a bank owned mortgage banker. My manager was a great guy but my “training” consisted of handing me a manual and a rate sheet and telling me to go out and bring in some deals.


Naturally I started going out and trying to meet Realtors and builders. When I didn’t see success quickly ( who would) I started to place blame.  In my mind I wasn’t succeeding because our rates were too high, we had a bad reputation, we didn’t provide any advertising etc.

It’s very natural to place blame but the key to success is the day you wake up and finally realize that YOU are the problem. YOU are also the solution.

Don’t misunderstand me here. You must have a company with a platform built to originate and close loans. You must have a company that provides you with support. You must also have a company that has a good array of programs and decent pricing.


I did not say you need a company with the BEST pricing because there simply is no such company in this business. To be fair, we are all pretty much the same with some slight differences. But what you need to focus on is YOU!

What are you doing to generate new business?

What are you doing to get referrals?

What are you doing to get YOUR name out there ?

What are you doing to sell the programs you DO have?

What are YOU doing to make the customer experience excellent?

What are YOU doing to get referrals?

What are YOU doing to make your self “referable”

What are YOU doing to make YOUR process smooth?

I would suggest that you take out a sheet of paper and copy these questions down right now.  Think about what your current answer is to each of these questions. Then think about your end goal of what the answers should be. Now plan out exactly how you implement this.


Before I get into this topic I want to be very clear that I am NOT suggesting which type you should choose. But you must realize that there are 2 types of loan officers and you must make a conscious choice as to which you want to be. Once you do your life will become much clearer.

Loan Officer #1  works for a company and expects the company to always have the best pricing, every imaginable product available, and strong internal support. This loan officer also expects the company to provide them with leads. In addition to the leads, the originator also wants strong marketing support and a  done for you program for bringing in new business with strong marketing materials.

Loan Officer # 2-  This loan officer wants the same items as Loan Officer #1. But loan officer 2 will go out and start working on bringing in business in spite of any of the areas above that his /her company is deficient in.

This loan officer realizes that “If it’s going to be – It’s Up To Me”

This is the time of year that you must choose which loan officer you want to be for 2015.  This will be a year of change. This will also be the year that separates the  “Purchase” loan officers from the “Refi” loan officers.

There is nothing wrong with being Loan Officer # 1 but you must realize that margins in our industry are being squeezed tight and that there is only a certain profit in each loan originated.  That is a fact we all have to live with.

But if you really want to make a nice six figure income in this business than you must consider being Loan Officer # 2.

Please write this down and pin it to your computer!


Make these your words to live by in 2015 and here are my wishes to you for a happy –healthy and prosperous 2015!

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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