How Frustrated Originators Succeed

No doubt our business can be frustrating and for many years I was frustrated.
We have to convince people to use us even if we are not the cheapest.
We have to convince Realtors to refer us even when they have relationships in place and in house loan officers they are incentivized or subtly forced to use.

Then We Get A Pre Qual and We Have To Worry About Them Shopping .
Just because we pre qualified them doesn’t mean they won’t shop us and possibly leave.

Then we actually get a deal and new frustrations set in.

We need to get our processor to make our final their priority.
We need to get our closer to meet the TRID dates.
We always have to argue with our underwriters about something right?

By some miracle we have closed the loan but how do we get them to refer us since we know that referrals are the key to our long term success.


If you struggle with any of these areas then you should watch this on demand training right now.
This is not about scripts – they don’t work and you already know that.
This is not about a new social media tool or trick.
This is not about buying an expensive program from a guru who doesn’t even originate.

IT’S NOT ABOUT A COACHING PROGRAM– you need new business now and don’t have the time to wait 6-12 months for the guru who doesn’t even originate to suck all of the money out of your account before giving you some nuggets that may or may not work right?

Watch this on demand training  now – in fact I share the most embarrassing moment in my own career with you and how I overcame it.

We don’t need to become masters of the internet or social media but we do need to become masters of persuasion and know how to get people to do what we need/want them to. I may not be the brightest bulb because it took me almost 15 years of frustration to figure this out. But the good news is that I DID FIGURE IT OUT and now you can just copy what works.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
Brian Sacks

PS- You should do this right now because in this training is a way to get your accountant to refer you. Think about it- your accountant knows who needs to refinance and who can and should be buying a new home. There is an entire campaign I created to get your accountant to refer you!
Watch it now

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