I wanted to share with you a conversation I had yesterday with one of my private coaching clients. He was particularly upset and concerned about the way 2019 was shaping up for him and it wasn’t good.

We had a very open and honest conversation and I think we ended with him being in a much better place. The reality is that your mindset is the most critical part of your success.

But I wanted to share with you my subscribers the real crux of the matter which is being honest with yourself. We all claim to be honest but yet we aren’t always honest with our inner voices.

SO Here are some hard truths about our business and you might even want to print this out and review it periodically.

1. You will never have the best rates and your good service will not get you new deals.

2. Agents don’t want to have lunch or coffee with you and if you use some stupid script a guru offers you and by chance you do have coffee you are not likely to get business.

3. YOU must be responsible for getting to buyers BEFORE they get to agents so you can provide your partners with new business.

4. You can not and will NOT succeed if you don’t have:

A written goal with specific amounts of loans needed and loan sizes along with where these deals will come from

A monthly review of where your business came from so you can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly

5. A plan with proven tactics – not just more garbage from people who want you to set up consultations with them so they can grab your wallet with their BS and who likely don’t even currently originate.

Does this make sense?
Are you being honest with yourself?
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