Do you know why buyers shop rates and points with various lenders? The common answer is to get the best price but that simply isn’t always the case.
Many times it’s because they have no other way to distinguish us from each other.

The good  news is that is pretty easy to do once you know a few secrets.
Today I want to share strategy 5 from the 48 Ways To Immediately Grow Your Production manual

The media ( on -line and off line) are always looking for a hook and a story. So your job is to give it to them plain and simple. The big key is to make sure you are providing information and NOT doing a commercial for yourself.

It’s not about you but yet the press will ask for your photo and contact information. You can now position yourself as an expert and get FREE PRESS.

Buyers love working with celebrities and so do agents. If they see you as the expert they have no real reason to shop rates.

So go ahead and contact the press and give them a good story.
Here are some ideas:
– Programs for self -employed buyers that don’t require tax returns
– Which way rates are headed and why
– Programs available for renovation
– Updates on new loan limits and what they mean in your market.

I could go on and on with topics but I hope you get the idea. Most important, is that the press feels they have an interesting story and hook.

Give it a try and you can actually post your expertise on a site called HARO – help a reporter out  and let the press contact you.

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I’ll be back tommorow with another proven strategy to help you make 2020 your best year ever….

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Brian Sacks

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