Ground Hogs and Originators

Today is Ground Hog day and it’s freezing here in Baltimore so I hope that little creature does the right thing so winter can be over. But I can’t help think about the Movie Ground Hog day with Bill Murray. If you haven’t seen it yet rent it this weekend.
It’s about a guy who keeps repeating the same day over and over again. The exact same day with the same conversations- same food – same weather – same issues etc.


First- There are processes and strategies we should be doing each and every day regardless of what’s happening.
Relationship Building
Follow Ups
We often get too distracted with “new” things to do and forget about the basics we must be doing every day. What’s really peculiar is when we find things that work and then stop doing them.

But for many of us we continue to relive the “bad” days over and over again.

We visit offices and use scripts we learned and get turned away.
We try a “new” tactic we just learned from a guru who doesn’t originate and wonder why it didn’t work?
We HOPE rates will stay low while we watch them go up and just keep praying.

It’s normal though because no one wants to get out of their comfort zones. The good news is you CAN Change your day unlike Bill Murray in the Ground Hog Day Movie.

So go ahead and do the things you HAVE NOT been doing. 

  1. Schedule a lunch and learn in a real estate office
  2. Dare to Pick a Niche- Become The Expert – Let everyone know about it.
  3. Start a podcast or have your own radio show- or be a guest on one like I was last week.
  4. Teach a class at your board of realtors.
  5. Start a follow up process for your past clients – realtors – and pre qualifications
  6. Go thru your pipeline and schedule a meeting with the listing agents on your deals.
  7. Pick up the phone and call and get in your car and visit
  8. Implement some direct to consumer marketing like direct mail.
  9. Create a new buyer webinar and seminar and deliver it.
  10. Pick 2 publications in your city and write an article about the new programs you offer.SUCCESS COMES FROM STEPPING OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT LEVEL-

    Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
    Brian Sacks

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