Foolish Things Originators Do – Part 1

Next week is the 1st April which is the kick off the big spring market for us.
But it is also April Fools Day so it got me thinking of all the foolish things we do as originators.

Over my 34 years in the business I have done almost all of them but I did learn from many of them and was able to grow my production. But what I love is sharing these proven strategies with other originators so you can grow your production too and have a short cut knowing what does and doesn’t work.

My note pad has almost 100 items of foolish things I have done and seen other originators do so over the next few days I will just break them down into categories ok?

Today let’s focus on Agent business:

Do you REALLY  know why agents choose you over any other originator?

Be honest- deep down in your gut you realize that a “script” won’t work… who wants to sound like a robot. It’s always best to JUST be who you are. Some will love you – some won’t – so what?

Just focus on the ones that do like you !

In order for an agent ( or anyone for that matter) they must:

But there is even more to it than just that of course.
When an agent gives you a deal they are actually giving you their reputation and their commission checks and trusting you with them. Let them know you realize that.

For many years I tried cracking the agent code but mostly wound up just begging and delivering donuts or having coffee or lunch with agents I didn’t feel like being with and actually I am pretty sure they didn’t want to be there either.

and of course you know there is right?

I became a serious student of Influence and Persuasion because that is truly what matters.
Influencing and Persuading and even Manipulating ( no it’s not a dirty word) — all matter because at the end of the day we all have comparable rates and we all should be doing a decent job.

Last year I sat down and compiled all of my underground tactics and strategies into a system called the
  I called it the UNFAIR EDGE because that is exactly what it has given me and my members so far.

At the end of the day- it’s not social media or bots or any other tactic that matters.
Those come and go as we have all seen.

What matters is KNOWING WHY AGENTS CHOOSE YOU AND STAY WITH YOU VERSUS YOUR COMPETITION and that’s all about human nature – persuasion- manipulation and influence.

In honor of April Fools and our upcoming hot spring market- I decided to make this a no brainer and have taken 300 off the investment – which at full price is still a steal!!

I hope you check it out and more importantly put the ideas to use to explode your own production

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

BTW- Once you implement these ideas be kind and share your successes!

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