Feb 23 2017 Live Training – How To Finally Get Realtor Business Without Begging , Paying Desk Fees, Visiting Open Houses or Having Lunch and Coffees

Let’s take a minute and be honest.

TRUTH # 1 – We all want and need Realtor Referrals

TRUTH # 2- We all hate begging for business

Truth # 3- None of us want to have lunch or coffee with Realtors and “Hope” they give us business and to be fair
The Realtors don’t want to be there either

Truth # 4– Co paying for Zillow leads that are expensive and mostly a waste of precious time is not the best use of your money or your time.

Truth # 5- Paying Desk Fees are a form of extortion and you mostly wind up just being a credit report running machine.

There is one thing that will actually get agents chasing you and I will be sharing my entire system live on Feb 23rd so I hope you can grab your seat.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

BTW– I put the whole system into a simple to follow formula and I will break down each piece of it on the training
write it down right now
I created this because of all the years I spent frustrated and concerned about where my business was coming from and wanted something predictable where I could finally control my own income and business instead of having it depend on agents who aren’t always loyal.


Hope you can make it because it is a game changer now that refis are pretty much gone

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