Strange title I know but stay with me – I was reading an article about Elephants and it immediately made me think of our business. We place so many limitations on ourselves that are not necessary and then we get very frustrated.


-We have to rely on agents and referrals for our business ( income)
-We have to have the best rates to do business.
– We can only do well when rates are down and people are refinancing
— name your false belief that frustrates you right here___________

If you’re unsure as to the utter power of the mind, consider this perfect illustration in the story                 of an elephant. An African elephant is one of the strongest creatures on the planet. It can tip over automobiles and even railroad
cars… right off the track.
elephant is so strong it can grasp a tree with its trunk and pull it out of
the ground, root ball and all. It is powerful beyond limits.

However, now consider the alternative
An elephant born in   
captivity had a chain placed on its  ankle when it was very young. The
chain was attached to a simple stake in the ground. The baby elephant would walk as far as the chain would reach in one direction, and then be stopped. So it would change direction and repeat the process, stopping when the chain had reached its length.

This baby elephant was conditioned to believe that he could only walk so far
in any one direction, but no farther. He could look around and see the trees, water, and perhaps the other elephants roaming free, but  he could not move beyond the length of the chain.
As he grew, 
even becoming an adult, he certainly had the strength a hundred times over to pull that stake out of the ground and walk wherever he wanted.

The elephant born into captivity with a chain around its ankle had the strength… perhaps even the desire. Yes, he certainly had both, however, because his brain told him he couldn’t do it, he
never pulled that simple stake from the ground to go where he wanted. His mindset had been conditioned throughout his young life to cause him to believe that little stake limited and dictated his movement.


Now what if 
– You could stop chasing business and have business coming to you
– You were not dependent on agents for your business
– You had a success mindset
– You were not worried about rates going up or down since you would do business regardless

If you want to stop being an elephant and grow your production let me know
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Either way- don’t be a baby elephant !!!

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks
author of 48 PROVEN Ways To Immediately Grow Your Production

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