Dr Phil Syndrome For Originators

I have been getting  a lot of comments and e-mail about the Celebrity Originator information I have been commenting on recently and many survey results.
If you haven’t filled it out yet go here now

Many Originators wonder how you can do this and there is some good news – I do it and have done it for many years – position myself as the Celebrity Originator in Baltimore – but honestly anyone can.

Look at me- not the most handsome right ( you don’t have to agree btw) – barely graduated high school- and not the best voice.

Here’s a clip of my appearances on NBC locally


There is nothing better for your business than being immediately seen and recognized as the CELEBRITY expert in your town. Best of all it costs you NOTHING – ZERO – NADA
But there are secrets to earning this position.

FIRST- You have to get over yourself- let me explain.

Look at DR PHIL- here is a divorced -fat man giving life and health advice who has gone from being a ZERO to a NATIONAL HERO and multi millionaire..

Look at DR RUTH
Here is a little old one – not very pretty in my opinion – and a very annoying accent and voice – who becomes a multi millionaire sex expert to the world..

LOOK AT KRAMER of CNBC- He has gone from stock picker to international celebrity and I c could go on and on-

NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST TECHNICIANS OR THE BEST IN THEIR FIELDS- but they all have used the media to become wealthy and positioned so that they have way more demand for their services than they have time for…..!!!

My answer is of course we can too- and I have and have taught others as well !

The question now is if this is something that interests you?

Here’s why you should say yes!


– Clients rarely shop – they see  you as the expert and just do what you advise

–   CLients LOVE working with the CELEBRITY and will brag to their friends about it

YOU can refer these clients to your favorite agents- so you control the relationships

– YOU become wealthy and your career explodes

– YOU now have instant credibility and people seek you out- as do partners
Doors open that were previously closed and opportunities start coming out of nowhere

The reality is that you CAN and SHOULD do this – and I am going to be spending 2 days with only the most serious originators Sept 13 and 14 right here in Baltimore showing you how- with real life examples- Can’t tell you any more about it right here but if you are interested fill out this survey right now-

Just so I am transparent- there will be an application and a non disclosure agreement signed for those who attend and the investment will be 4997.00

If that scares you good !!! But if you are a confident originator and dedicated to success and growth that is the cost of your commission on a 500,000 extra deal.

Either way- you should seriously ponder how to position yourself using FREE PR instead of chasing Facebook and Zillow shoppers and time wasters!!

Have a great weekend- I have to prepare my slides for my Sunday Appearances !!!

Brian Sacks

Would love your thoughts below- good – bad – or neutral

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