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Do You Make THIS Mistake In Your Mortgage Production ?

My wife and I just had an experience that is so similar to a  BIG mistake I used to make and one that I see many originators making. So I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you .

I have mentioned before in this newsletter that I have a  son that is dyslexic. His school tuition is $26,000 plus per year. He is a great kid and very very smart with an above average IQ.

But he stills needs some additional tutoring for speech and processing issues. So my wife did what any great parent would do and started to seek  out the best tutors in the area. She must have called at  least a dozen different people and they were all booked.  See we started a little late since school has already begun and all of these specialized  tutors were booked. And believe me when I tell you  they ain’t cheap since they have a very specialized  area they assist with.

—- Marketing Lesson #1—– Since they are niched they earn more per student and have much more demand than they have supply for———

I could start seeing the frustration building with my wife. It started to appear as if we were not going to be able to find the help he needed and that fact did not sit well with either of us. Then a friend of hers told her about another person that provided this specialized help and we got all excited….

She called and he immediately said he was available and that we could come in any day next week. He went  on to say that we could have this appointment after school so Matt would not need to miss class. His exact words were “My schedule is very open.”

Well we should have been thrilled right?

Instead my wife and I immediately decided that this guy was a LOSER and that we would not want to work with him.

Why ?
If everyone else is booked solid … and I mean we must have called 15-20 different people then why is this guy so open and have so much time on his hands. Maybe he really is just an accommodating type person but we were not about to experiment with my sons education in this area that is so critical to his growth.

—-Marketing Lesson # 2—–

You must be perceived as the expert and experts are in  high demand not available 24/7/365 like a 7/11 store. I know this is hard to do…It was hard for  me as well . But you MUST have your prospects think you are so busy that you are doing them a favor by simply fitting them in. People always want what they cannot have more than something that is easily attainable……

My Platinum members and my Closed Door Coaching  Members have spent a lot of time on this type of positioning. And guess what?

All of them that have taken my advice have seen huge increases in her business without working more hours. In fact my Platinum members are so good with this concept  that even I have trouble getting most of them on the phone.

So again – positioning is important…..

I would love your feedback –


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PS # 2- The other way to  BE BUSY is to be as the expert in a niche.
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