Do You Get The Loan Officer Sunday Night Oooogies? Here are 2 solutions

Good Morning
It’s Monday and the start of a new week. But I remember for many years Sunday night was the worst of the week.
At around 9pm I would start thinking about the coming week and dreading it. My wife and I called it the Sunday Night Oooogies.

Ever have them?

I thought about why I did not receive any calls over the weekend from agents.

I thought about having to go out again and beg for new business.

I thought about the few deals I had and how messed up they were.

I thought about what I would hear when I told the agents we were going to need to move closing and that
I would never ever get a deal from them.

For the past few days I have been e-mailing you about 2 programs that I created that solved these issues for me
and for a limited time I am offering them both at a discount for Halloween.

WHY Halloween? Simply because it truly scares me that originators are not using these systems but feeling the same way I used to.

The First system is called the LO UNFAIR EDGE and it is not about the tools but the reasons why people give you business
Its about the psychology and persuasion tactics that make people give you business or the reasons why the don’t and how to fix it.
The video will show you a 27 word sentence that changed my business and it will change yours.

But I also show you how to use this 27 word magical sentence with agents – prospects and referral sources. Heck you can even use
them with your staff and your family.
check it out before it comes down right now

The second system is the one I created and perfected that turns renters into new loans that you can use to give to agents.

If you are tired of getting the Sunday night Ooooogies than you should check out these systems that are guaranteed to grow your production.

Have a great day,
Brian Sacks

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