What I Put on 2308 Janson St And How It Will Help You Close More Loans

What I Put on 2308 Janson St And How It Will Help You Close More Loans

I know it’s Sunday so I’ll be quick but I wanted to share a cool idea with you that can help you grow your production.

Last week I had 4 closings and 2 of the 4 allowed me to put up a sign on their properties after closing. This is strategy 6 on page 20 of the
48 Proven Ways To Immediately Close More manual and if you are a 48 ways member go read that strategy right now and you will see the sample and also see the release I use and when the best time to ask for permission is.

There are really 2 reasons to do this
1. It helps provide social proof to all the other buyers and agents looking in that area.

2. Many people confuse the sign as a for sale sign – call and you can now get them prequalified. So its no cost lead gen for people you know are ready to buy.

But I am always looking to improve so I have been testing some new ideas with this sign  and recently took off my phone # and instead put on a link for a free report they can get.

It”s simple really. Today is Sunday – wouldn’t you rather be with your family or doing whatever you enjoy doing without interruption?  I know I would!

So the buyers see the sign
They go to the site and opt in by giving their e-mail address
They get the report and it’s the entire conversation you would be having with them on the phone but now you don’t have to
They call you and get prequalified but are already convinced of who you are

They don’t call you yet and the system follows up with them for 12 months automatically. If you are a member of the Renters Into Loans System than you already have the report and the follow ups.
Try doing this on your lawn signs and let me know how it works out

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

If you are not yet a member and are interested in the Renters Into Loans process

you can check it out here http://rentersintoloans.com/special-offer/

If you are not yet a 48 Proven Ways member you really need to check it out now before the price doubles since we are getting very close to 1000 members
but that’s not even the real issue.
If you are serious about growing your production you simply have to have these proven strategies and your accountability software now
Both come with a test drive period that allows you to make sure you succeed with zero risk
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For Frustrated Originators – Here’s An Unfair Edge

Our job as originators can be very frustrating at times and exciting at other times as we have all experienced regardless of how long you have been in the business.

I am always asking questions and trying to “fix” many of these frustrations because that’s how you grow.

Here are some questions I used to ask myself and I bet you have asked yourself the same questions. 
Why do agents choose other originators over me
Why do the agents who do use me continue to? ( it’s not rates or good service)
How to I even get agents to use me.
How Can I get Listing agents to meet and use me.
How do buyers make their decision to use me or a competitor and how can I tell upfront what they will do?
How Can I “force” these buyers to use me instead of going shopping on or off line.

What do I need to do to get my past clients to refer me?
How Can I get attorney’s and CPA’s to refer me?

Let me very transparent – this has NOTHING to do with on-line or social media etc.
They are all fine and good but you first have to know WHY people do or don’t do things and how  to influence them to do what YOU WANT THEM TO DO.
Please take a second and re-read this

I tried so many marketing tactics over the years – some worked – some didn’t
some worked years ago but won’t work now. It wasn’t until I sat down and became a serious student of influence and persuasion that everything changed in both my professional and even my personal life.



What if you could learn the answer to these questions and many others you have?
What if your success was GUARANTEED ?
What if you didn’t even have to pay for it for six months by using the paypal button  and had the confidence of knowing you had a risk free 12 months to test drive it yourself?
What if you not only learned the persuasion tactic but had the tools to copy and implement it immediately so you could quickly close more loans?

What if- just that question is one you should be asking yourself all of the time.

If you have been to this site you know I don’t often even offer this special program I call the
LO UNFAIR EDGE because I truly don’t want every originator knowing these secrets.

Take a minute -and simply read this letter http://lounfairedge.com/1-2/
because the ideas themselves will help you identify opportunities or places you need improvement

Dedicated to Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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You see this scene repeated day after day. An originator works hard and finally gets a meeting with an agent or a referral partner. During the meeting the  originator tries to convince the agent or other referral partner about how wonderful their service is and how many great programs they have along with great pricing.


There are 3 things that make this old age scenario problematic and having you leave without the business relationship you want. Unfortunately, no script will fix these issues until you understand fully what you may doing wrong.


Take a step back for a second and think about what happens when an agent gives you a buyer to work with. In reality, they are actually entrusting you with their commission and their reputation. If they refer you and the deal doesn’t close they don’t get paid. In addition, if they referred you and you did a terrible job then it reflects on them as well.

I actually mention this to agents and referral partners when I am first meeting with them so that they realize I understand the relationship.  Try this because agents love to know you “get it” and will become a valuable partner.


    As sales people we all like to tell everyone why they should be using us versus the competition but you must resist this urge when first meeting an agent. I once heard a rule that said you should listen 80% of the time and speak 20%.

    But the bigger issue is that by not listening you really have no idea of whether you could or should be working together. Just because someone is an agent or referral partner doesn’t necessarily mean that you would be a good fit to work together.

    Start by asking some questions about their business and goals.
    Learn about their backrounds. How do they market themselves?
    Who do they currently work with as an originator? What do they like or dislike about working with that person?
    What programs are they missing from their current lenders that you might have access to?

    You have to always remember that this is not an originator /agent relationship or a company to company one. It is a person to person one. Not every person is a good fit for you and you are not always a good fit for them either.

    Some of the best conversations I have with agents are ones where we left friends but decided that doing business was not in our best interest. That may sound strange to you but trust me when I tell you that it will save tons of time and frustration in the future.


    Go back and re- read that last sentence in the previous paragraph. You are not a fit for every agent and not every agent is a good fit for you. So instead of trying to convince them to use you treat the meeting like an interview.

    You are interviewing them and they are interviewing them. This will not only take the pressure off of you but also make the whole process easier. We all want what we can’t have right?

    But you must also keep in mind that you can’t just show up and say you give you good service and have great programs and prices. Honestly, if you can’t give good service or have competitive programs and pricing than you should not even be having a meeting in the first place.

    Agents are meeting with you because they want to sell more homes and most of those buyers will need a mortgage. You are meeting with them because they generally control the buyers and you want them to refer those buyers to you. I cover this in the Renters Into Loans Program in great detail and also which agents to go after and which I avoid like the plague.
    ( please note that the Renters Into Loans is not always available for new members)

    But what if you were able to flip that scenario where you controlled the buyers and you could then interview the agents to see if they could be a potential partner you refer them to?

    Always be thinking about how you can assist the with selling more homes. What can you do together to help them grow their business and thereby grow yours! When you keep these mistakes in mind you will get more referrals from agents you actually want to do business with.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
Brian Sacks

Brian Sacks is a branch manager with Homebridge Financial in Owings Mills Maryland. He has been originating for 35 years with career closings over 1.5 Billion Dollars and 5833 transactions.
Brian is also the creator of the Top Originator Secrets Blog and has recently published an originator success manual on 48 PROVEN WAYS TO IMMEDIATELY Grow Your Production.
You can learn more at https://48waysbook.com


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