Can A Loan Officer Have An UNFAIR Edge?

We are all in a tough business.
Most of us have all of the same programs and all of our rates are pretty similar.

I have always taught originators how to become the expert in a niche and to market directly to buyers before agents
get to them.


We can all market on facebook- and linked in and send mail etc. That’s part of the reason we are only judged on price because we all look the same.

The UNFAIR EDGE comes into play when you are speaking to Realtors- Referral Sources and Prospects.

What you say matters.
What THEY say and the words they use to say it matters and can give us clues on how to sell to them.

You must know how to persuade and manipulate if you are going to be successful. These are not dirty words at all.
Think about what happens with your spouse or children or co-workers – it’s all persuasion and manipulation

Someone will get their desired goal and someone will not

Here’s a new program I just put together and it’s all about how any loan officer can gain this unfair edge.
Truthfully these are all hard learned lessons over my 31 years in the business that will help you too.

No theory – no fluff – but first you have to truly believe that knowing how to persuade and manipulate everyone you come into contact with is THAT IMPORTANT !

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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What My New Dog and Loan Officers Have In Common

Yesterday I had a consultation with a member who told me how frustrated he is about his situation. He has worked hard for a number of Realtors in one of his offices. Things have been fine for years. Sure he would lose a deal here and there but his group of 18 agents were pretty loyal to him.

He did a good job -returned all their calls- and most importantly got their loans to closing!
Oh- and he mentioned his rates were very competitive.

Another loan officer in his area must have hit lotto because he was going around offering to share Zillow and marketing costs with them.
He also had good rates and did a good job but he was now willing to “pay to play”

A few weeks ago our 16 year old cockapoo Buster died.
We have always had 2 dogs and we love our golden doodle Charlie. Stay with me here ok- I know I am off track.

This past weekend we broke done and got a new member of our family – Baxter- a SHICHON ( shitzapoo and bichon) He is adorable- but our house has been dominated by Charlie our golden doodle.

Charlie has gone from being THE DOG to now having a new dog begging for everyone’s love and attention.

I couldn’t help think about the similarities.

YOU and I are constantly threatened by competition on-line and off line.


I have found 2 and I would encourage you to think about them as well.

I do this with my renters into loans-
Really pretty easy to implement system but the bottom line is that YOU CONTROL the buyer
and then YOU select which Realtors go give the buyer to.

You can watch the webinar I did on this topic- but I will be taking this down soon so you better hurry.

Or if you have already watched this and want to get started head over to

You must be DIFFERENT.
Everyone has good rates and gives good service and closes loans
At Least I hope you do.

There are 7.3 Million Boomerang Buyers in each and every city in the United States. If you offer
a way to help buyers that others can’t – well you become the go to expert. You can also market to these buyers directly as I do- and then give them to the REALTORS you choose.

You can see more at
or watch my training at

This one is coming down soon as well so hurry.

These are the 2 pillars of my business – the 3rd is Realtors but I am still fine if you or any other originator decides to “buy” my market.

Are you?

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
Brian Sacks

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Loan Officer Marketing – Do You Know What Business You Are Really In?


We all think we are in the “Mortgage Business” but the truth is that no one really wants a mortgage. No one I know will ever wake up in the morning and say “WOW – I want a Mortgage”
People do want a home.
People do want security for their family.
People do want an asset that will hopefully grow in value.
People do want to enjoy a pool- a basement- a fireplace- etc.

People do want to feel like they have achieved the American Dream.

Most of the advertising that is done in our industry revolves around rates we offer, terms of loans, and other “technical” aspects of the mortgage itself. We then get frustrated and wonder why everyone we speak to ONLY wants to know our rates and points.

When we use this type of advertising of product features and costs we invite the question we all hate the most. You might even want to stop here and write that one down. Paste it to your computer and read it BEFORE you do any advertising intitiatives.

The truth is that we are NOT even in the mortgage business. We wake up everyday just like that caveman and start searching for new business.

Mortgages are simply a feature of what we sell. We are selling money and the best ways people can use their money wisely when purchasing a home.
You are actually in the Marketing of Mortgages business. When you approach this business as a consultant with the understanding that I have laid out above your business will change. You will generate more business, it will become much easier and your clients will be more loyal and happier.


Yes, I realize that what you have read so far seems logical but you may be wondering how to actually do this in your own business. The first step of course is understanding the differences between features and benefits.

As an example-
You will see ads like this…
FHA LOANS at ___ (RATE) 30 Year Fixed Call for details.
Now you understand that no one is waking up to say “Gee , I really need an FHA loan today. I better respond to this ad immediately.”
Instead what if you said.
“Looking To Buy A Home But Don’t Have a Large Down payment?”
We have program that allows you to put as little as 3.5% down. This program may work for you even if you have less than perfect credit” call ____ for details.

The person reading the first ad is ONLY thinking about rates and may even have no idea what FHA is or means. The second ad highlights the benefits of the FHA program and solves the challenges some buyers have.
Let’s sum this all up and see the reasons why you need to focus your advertising and your intitial conversations on benefits and asking questions rather than features.

First- people will see that you truly understand them and that is a critical step in bonding with them. People will only buy from those they know, like, and trust. Don’t think you are NOT a salesperson because that is exactly how the consumer sees you. Our product is money but we are still selling it.
Second- The rate question will rarely come up since the borrower will see that you understand their needs.
Third- You will be seen as an expert by using this approach since you are offering solutions and have established their needs.

Try it- don’t discuss ARMS- FIXED- LIBOR – 30-15-20 – APR
All your borrower hears is “BLAH BLAH BLAH”

Instead- Ask about them
Ask about their goals
Ask about their comfort levels with payments
Ask about their fears and concerns

THEN – AND ONLY THEN Show them a solution and tell them the solution and the way they can understand it that is full of benefits – never ever features.
Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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