The 2 Reasons You Did NOT Meet Your 2017 Goals and How To Fix it for 2018

Did you meet your 2017 Goals?
Actually the better question maybe “Did You Have Written Goals for 2017 and a plan?”

There are 2 main reasons that goals are not met.


There is a big difference between a plan and a WISH. Most HOPE that they will have a good year.
But what you need to do is actually plan it and track it.

1. What is your goal? Write it down

2. Let’s say it’s to close 24,000,000 and your average loan is 250,000
So you now know you need 2,000,000 a month or 500,000 a week-
Which is 2 loans a week – 8 a month

3. Now comes the HOW ? YOu need 3 or 4 methods that you work on daily.
– Realtors
-Direct to consumer ( ads or PR)
– Niche loans – 203k- reverse-boomerang buyers – grants etc.
-Fsbo stratetgy
– Divorce Attorneys

4. Now each and every month you need to track where your business came from.
Did you meet your goals
Did you exceed them?
What worked?
What didn’t — why?
Now you must adjust your strategies for the coming month.

Simply put – you can not acheive a level higher than your self image.
Yes- please re-read that.
YOu can not close 2,000.000 a month until you see yourself as a 2,000,000 a month producer

YOU MUST REALLY CONSIDER THIS — because your self image controls your accomplishments.

I would suggest printing this out and really pondering it for the next week!

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
Brian Sacks

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Read BEFORE You Finish Planning 2018 – Originators -Rubber bands and Tom

I want to share a bit of a painful lesson with you since i know we are all making plans for 2018.
We think about what can be- what could be – what might have been. But this secret I want to share with you is THE ONE AND ONLY THING that will determine if you achieve those goals or if they are just dreams.

This may sound harsh- but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen.

The truth is that you will ONLY acheive to the level that is consistent with your self image.
If you see yourself doing 5 loans you may once in a while do more than 5 but you will quickly
SUBCONSIOUSLY go back to doing 5.

In order to get to the next level that you are planning and hoping more you must first start seeing yourself as a 10 deal a month originator. There are a number of ways to do this but I can’t cover them all here.

However one of the best ways to do this is to have visual reminders. and taking the time to visualize yourself already achieving this milestone consistently.

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Simply because this is exactly what I described earlier in this article.
Pull on the band and it will snap right back – that is exactly what happens when you out perform your own self image.

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strategies and tactics coming your way soon.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks
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And of course really take some quite time alone to make sure your goals are in sync with your self image- if they are not- you either have to amend the goals or work on your self image and start “seeing” yourself doing it.

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Live Training You Should See- Monthly Rental Income Without Buying Rental Homes-

We’re all always looking for new ways to generate some additional monthly income and everyone seems to be thinking its the housing market that will generate it.

I’ve personally done many fix and flips and also had multiple rentals but there always seem to be a few issues.

Unless you have a lot of funds stashed away you can not accumulate a lot of properties.
Unless you have great history and large down payments you can’t qualify to buy these without a hard funds lender and then the numbers don;t work.
Oh and who can forget the meltdown- values went way down – but monthly rentals went way up didn’t they.

So I have always been searching for a way to generate monthly rental funds without needing to actually buy properties.
For the past few months I have been researching this and found someone who has figured it out. I have gone thru his training and actually started implementing the system he has perfected.

It’s true genius so I convinced him to do a few live trainings with me but it’s he only agreed to do it for a few days

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the link given at the end of the training is now working

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