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I am sitting in my office this morning watching the snow fall here in Baltimore and reflecting on the ups and downs of this business  and my career and thought I would share some concepts with you in case you started the way I did.

My manager when I started was an alcoholic who threw a manual at me and said “Go Get EM” .

Obviously I had no idea what to do  so I just started doing what everyone else seemed to be doing. Handing out sheets, getting thrown out of offices, visiting new construction and open houses on weekends and basically begging for business.

When I did get a bite – I was always being shopped and generally did not get the deal anyway.


After years of killing myself I did figure out some ways to stop those shoppers and attract deals to me and the second half of my 32 years has really been a joy especially being able to share them with other successful originators around the country like you.

But I have always wanted to share even more which is challenging some times since I still originate every day unlike the fake magic pill pushers in our industry who either never originated or did so in a different decade. That’s why I have pulled my programs off the market  and decided to focus on helping dedictated origiantors grow their production with the Top Originator Mastermind.

Here’s what I know I wanted and you probably do too and now you will have access to it in the member area.

QUICK WIN– a video on a tactic you can implement in 10 minutes and actually see results with

MONTHLY TRAININGS– Every month we will have a live training on a topic to help close more make more and enjoy life and yes they will be recorded if you miss it.

Q and A- Live Question and Answer sessions so you can have your personal challanges discussed and solved.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY– Let’s be honest our spouses and signifcant others have no idea what our days are like but our peers do so you will now have access to a private community where we can all help each other grow and I will there regularly as well to help and share.

MMMM– Monday Morning Mindset Minute Your mindset has more to do with your outcome than any strategy or tactic and you must always remain in the right mindset so every Monday I will share a thought with you to get your week started and headed in the right direction.

CORE TRAINING- I have put together a road map for you to grow your business in this 7 part training in fact it even includes a map for you !

MARKETING PORTAL- Have you ever wanted to send a flyer- create a newsletter- do an open house form or simply create some marketing materials to go out with or give to your past clients or partners. You will now have access to the most advanced marketing portal that i have ever seen in this industry. It’s powerful but more importantly it’s easy to use.

I hope you will join me now because the doors are closing tommorow

OH – I almost forgot – there are also some surprise bonuses that I am mailing to TOM community members that will serve as a daily reminder of your journey and membership in this special group.

Hope to see you in the member community
Brian Sacks

PS- Two things that were also very important to me and I am sure are important to you too.

1. There is no commitment here- either this helps you grow or you just hit cancel and we depart friends – no hard feelings. I only originators
in this community who want to be here so we can all grow together.

2. I did some math because I realize how tight funds are for many- been there – done that-
Most of what is shared will not require any funds but I have also chosen to make sure your investment was no brainer
If you are member for 1 year- and only close 1 deal from all of these power tools and proven strategies you will have doubled your tax deductible investment

So make your decision right now- because in about 24 hours the doors will close and the decision will be made for you so don’t let that happen.

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Video 4 of 4 – How To Make Your Mortgage Biz Great Again

VIDEO 4 of 4 is now live

There is no opt in but this will only be up  for a short while
VIDEO 1- How to Plan and Track Your Success- there are forms I created for you as well
VIDEO 2- How To Stop Being a Head Of Lettuce Commodity – 3 Step Formula
VIDEO 3- How To Use The Shameless Self Promotion to Be The GO TO EXPERT
VIDEO 4- The Solution

Enjoy and feel free to share it- would love your comments below the video

Brian Sacks

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Video Series -IS THIS YOUR PLAN FOR 2018- Here’s a Better One

We all want to have a great year in 2018 and every year. Some originators plan the year in advance. Some just “hope” it will be a good year.

But very few actually track their progress – know their numbers and can adjust their marketing and tactics. That is where real success happens.

So I put together a 4 part video series and I hope you can watch it before I take it down Jan 31st.

There is no opt in but I would love your comments below each video and you can feel free to share them too.
VIDEO 1-  How To Plan and Track Your Success  – I have included forms as well
VIDEO 2-How to Finally Stop Being A Head of Lettuce – 3 Step  Proven Formula
VIDEO 3- How to Postion Yourself as the GO TO Expert – Shameless Self Promotion

Videos are being released between now and Jan 31st and then they all come down
So don’t wait and kick yourself. Right now today Video 1 and 2 are up

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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