Can A Loan Officer Have An UNFAIR Edge?

We are all in a tough business.
Most of us have all of the same programs and all of our rates are pretty similar.

I have always taught originators how to become the expert in a niche and to market directly to buyers before agents
get to them.


We can all market on facebook- and linked in and send mail etc. That’s part of the reason we are only judged on price because we all look the same.

The UNFAIR EDGE comes into play when you are speaking to Realtors- Referral Sources and Prospects.

What you say matters.
What THEY say and the words they use to say it matters and can give us clues on how to sell to them.

You must know how to persuade and manipulate if you are going to be successful. These are not dirty words at all.
Think about what happens with your spouse or children or co-workers – it’s all persuasion and manipulation

Someone will get their desired goal and someone will not

Here’s a new program I just put together and it’s all about how any loan officer can gain this unfair edge.
Truthfully these are all hard learned lessons over my 31 years in the business that will help you too.

No theory – no fluff – but first you have to truly believe that knowing how to persuade and manipulate everyone you come into contact with is THAT IMPORTANT !

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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