Hope your had  a great holiday-

Today I have 3 loans closing. Each of them referred to me by an agent.
So I will be calling the listing agent- the buyers agent and also the buyer themselves.

When I call the buyer I will wish them good luck and let them know that I appreciate their trust in me and wish them many years of health and happiness in their new home.
I will also ask them to keep me in mind if they know of anyone else looking to buy or refinance or even sell a home ( how great would it be to referr a listing to one of your agents?)

When I call the listing agent I will tell them that it was great working together and that I would love to set a time to meet with them and share with them some of our unique marketing tools and programs.
Notice- I did NOT mention what they are – just that we have some unique marketing programs and some unique products…. leave it vague and arouse their curiostiy.

When I call the buyers agent I will wish them good luck at closing and also tell them how much I value our relationship and their referrals and that I hope we have many many more opportunities to work together soon.

Truthfully- if possible- you should try to attend your closings in person. This is VERY powerful and you should do it regardless of how successful you are.

I have an entire process of what marketing goes out to the listing agent – buyers agent and the buyers after closing – some that continue for 2 weeks after they close. But what I want to point out to you today- is that just the personal phone calls alone will set you apart and start producing some great new relationships and referrals.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
Brian Sacks
Author of 48 PROVEN Ways To Immediately Grow Your Production

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