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37 New Realtors Instantly?

HOW TO GET 37 REALTORS TO INSTANTLY SEE YOU AS THE OBVIOUS EXPERT We all struggle so hard to get Realtors to give us business. Frustrating isn’t it. I am not going to go into the obvious solution- which of course is to get buyers pre-approved BEFORE agents get to them. This question always puzzled […]

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Since today is April fools it dawned on me to share with you all of the foolish things we do as loan officers. Here are a few of the most FOOLISH mistakes we all make Becoming An Advertising Victim. This is a common mistake we all have made or continue to make. Never use just […]

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Do YOU Have a Roberta?

DO YOU HAVE  A ROBERTA? Years ago when I was first starting out in the business I wandered in to a new home development and met Roberta. She was a new home consultant but also a very active Realtor. We immediately hit it off and Roberta decided to try me on her next deal.That deal […]

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