Are you Originating Backwards? 

Are you Originating Backwards? 

Most of us are so let me explain what I mean so it’s very clear because once you understand this everything about originating changes.

Let’s start with what most of us take for granted about originating.

We work hard to make relationships with agents and other referral sources by working hard to get their attention and an appt to meet.

We have to impress them and show them that we know what we are doing and often beg for business.

Then we get a prospect and we have to impress them and pray they don’t shop us to death because we are viewed as a commodity.

We really have no idea how to compete with the big lenders who own all of the media ads on tv and radio and in print.

So we buy leads and work hard and are often frustrated and continue to hope something changes.


So ask this question- How Could I Change This and What Would It Be Like If I Could? 

The good news is that it can change and it will for some and here’s how I do it being the Celebrity Originator.

Agents and Referral sources seek you out because they see you as the Celebrity Originator and expert.

Buyers treat you like they would a Doctor- They set up a time to meet with you They feel honored to meet with you and automatically see you as the expert.

When you suggest a program to them they don’t shop – they actually go find a home and listen to your advice.

Since they found you thru radio tv or your articles you can now refer them to one of your agents

OH- I almost forgot- you did not spend one penny advertising and instead got instant credibility by being seen as the expert.

This makes such a huge difference that I have decided to share all of these secrets for 2 full days Sept 13 and 14 right here in Baltimore.

It will be strictly limited to 25 originators so I can work with each of you personally – this will change careers. There will be  significant investment and nothing will be offered. This will be a true workshop in every sense of the word.

Some of the guru’s in our industry have been trained by me and I have helped dozens over the years be the obvious expert in their city

Now it’s your turn.

If you are interested just take this 30 second survey and I will send you the details

Enjoy the weekend 
Brian Sacks

THere is truly no better way to explode your production and change your positioning in your market than literally being the celebrity.
It’s a game changer and so much more effective than any ad you could ever place. 

Go ahead and take this short survey right now and if you are interested I will send you the information about Sept 13 and 14

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