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Since I have started putting some of the ideas in Brian’s system and also interpolated a few of my own I have gotten 12 deals into processing this month. The total amount is 1.5million in loan size and I anticipate at least making over $10,000 once those loans close (that is after my anticipated fallout.). When I purchased the system it was a stretch financially for me, but now I see the benefits! I will keep you posted.

Brent S.

Before I became a Loan Officer Success member I really did not have a system, a structure or a plan to grow my business. Since I have become a member and a Mastermind Coaching member, I have used Brian’s system to generate additional business and income. The guidance and advice I have benefited from as a One on One Mastermind Coaching member has really helped me to effectively structure my business and shown me how to successfully grow my company. I plan to continue in Brian’s Coaching program for a long time to come.

Debra M.