What I am about to share with you will likely shock you. Why?

Because the average loan officer is me, a 53 year old male who has been in the business for 3 decades. Wow, it hurts just seeing that on paper.

We think about millennials constantly going on line to transact just about every type of transaction possible from having food delivered, to an uber to work, to saving money on an app.
I have 2 of my own and they mostly do not even use the phone but prefer texting and Facebook messenger to communicate with me. So it’s very normal for us to think they want to get their loan on line as well.

That leads us to create Facebook ads and other on-line lead generation tools to reach them. If you have been using any of these methods than you already know that they continue to become more expensive and in many cases less effective.


The reality I am about to share with you will shock you so I will provide actual evidence to support what you are about to learn.

The reality is very counterintuitive and maybe that’s why it works so well. If you want to reach millennials you should be sending them direct mail. No, that is not a typo I did say Direct Mail.
Stop for a minute and think about it. Most of us in our 40’s , 50’s and 60’s are used to be bombarded with direct mail solicitations most of our lives. But that is not true for millennials who hardly ever get direct mail offers.

According to a survey by the USPS –
The U.S. Postal Service found that, on average, Millennials spend more than 9 minutes per day sorting through their mail, more than any other generation. They also are more engaged with their mail than the average consumer, taking more time to scan, read and organize their mail. In fact, 50 percent of Millennials say they like to discover what the mail brings every day, and consider scanning their mail time well spent.

Though they prefer to pay bills online, 83 percent of Millennials still use hard copies for bill management. They’re also open to certain types of direct mail: 54 percent said that businesses in their neighborhood need to do a better job of using mail to keep them informed.


Once again you would be incorrect. Millennials actually prefer to meet and/or speak with a live person so they can get educated on the process and have their questions answered.

According to a study by Ellie Mae 2017 Borrower Insights Survey found that 57 percent of homeowners applied for and completed their mortgages fully in person, while 27 percent interacted with their loan officer both in person and online. Millennials were the biggest group who reported using this combined approach (30 percent), followed by Gen Xers (28 percent) and Baby Boomers (20 percent).

: In order to succeed with Millennials you must be reaching out to them both on -line and off line. You must make an effort to come out from behind your computer and speak with them by phone or meet with them in person.

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Brian Sacks

Brian Sacks,is a national mortgage expert, with Homebridge Financial Services Inc. located in Owings Mills, Maryland. He has compiled over 30 years of mortgage experience and career closings of 8000 loans in excess of 1 billion. He is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry, and is the resident expert for NBC Channel 11 and has also appeared on the CBS and ABC stations. Brian has appeared nationally in over 42 states.
He is considered the national expert on working with credit challenged buyers. Brian is also a respected coach, and speaker and the founder of the Top Originator Mastermind. You can watch his 4 part Free Video Series on How To Close More Loans- Make More Money And Still Enjoy Life at

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Today Is Teachers Day – Perfect Opportunity For Some Free PR

Today is Teachers Day here and this is the perfect opportunity for you to get some Free Publicity for yourself.


There are many cities in the country that offer special grants and programs targeted to teachers. There is also the HUD Teacher Next Door program.
This program allows teachers to purchase a home at a tremendous discount and come to the table with only 100.00

First go ahead and take 20-30 minutes and find out what programs your company offers that are specifically for teachers.
If they don’t offer any – than why not create a SPECIAL 500 OFF FOR TEACHERS offer just for today.
Second- Find out who the editors of your local radio, tv and newspapers are.
Promote on Linked in – Facebook and Twitter.
Post an article on your blog.
If you are a member of the Top Originator Mastermind go to the Quick Win Section and look at the resource I have there that instantly connects you with reporters.
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There are many more “SPECIAL DAYS” on the calendar. All of these provide you with the opportunity to get some FREE PUBLICITY for you and your services!

Now Go Ahead and as Larry The Cableman Say “GET ER DONE!” and leave your thoughts below.

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Brian Sacks

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BrianSacks PERSONAL- Ever Feel Like Saying F IT To This Business?

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how frustrating being an originator can be.

The highs are great but the lows are often unbearable.

We have to constantly be bring in new biz while getting out what we have brought in.

I will tell you that there was a time I got so frustrated I left the industry for six months but I came

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Here’s what it IS all about- Humans and why they do or don’t do what you want and need them to.

Once you discover this you truly have an UNFAIR EDGE over all of your competitors

So you need to take a few minutes RIGHT NOW and watch this on demand video because after May 5th I will

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Brian Sacks

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