Here’s How We Turn Renters Into New Loans

Good Morning,

We’ve been getting some questions on the Renters Into Loans program and I guess that should be expected since the training software
went crazy about mid way thru the training Wed.

So let me break it down for you and answer a few questions.

The problem:
You need business and hate begging agents for business.
Your production jumps up and down.
You are working hard but not closing enough

The Reason:
You don’t control the buyer

The Solution

Send a postcard to renters that rent for the same as your average deal
Send them to a specially designed website form which I show you in the training
They opt in and get a report which is the same conversation you would have on the phone- also covered in the training
The special report which is carefully structured encourages them to call you for a consultation
If they don’t call the system automatically follows up with them for 12 full months

Pretty clever if I do say so myself but more importantly it works. I break down each step in the training but this comes
down soon so watch it now

Some questions.
Is this compliant?

Absolutely but if you need to run it by compliance everything is provided in a format so you can easily amend and customize it.
You get 14 postcard templates – the special report and the 12 months of follow up e-mails and the tools and resources to implement them.

If this is so great why don’t you let me try it first?

That’s fair so I have provided 2 special opportunties. First you have a full 12 months to take it for a test drive
Second when you go to the page you will see a paypal option with no interest or payments for six months .

Why are you sharing doesn’t this create competition for you ?

I only originate in 3 zip codes in Baltimore and only want 20 loans a month so I am totally fine.
Funny- yesterday I actually shared this program with a competitor who’s office is 2 miles away and there is still more than enough
for both of us.

Watch the training it will help you regardless of whether you are new or a seasoned vet like me.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

You’re still reading? go ahead and watch the training I promise you it will be worth your time and in fact in the first five minutes I put my money where my mouth is and I have never ever seen anyone do that for a complimentary training.

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My Daughter- This Wednesday – Your Agents –

Good Morning from beautiful Ft Lauderdale Florida where I am visiting my daughter.

Now if I received an e-mail with that subject line my first reaction would be great but who cares so please stay with me so you can see
how this impacts every originator and the amount of loans you close each month.

When you are away from the office and trying to relax or spend time with family do you secretly have a problem because you can’t stop thinking about the calls you are missing. Or even worse- you take the calls and destroy your away time and family time.

There is a solution and I will be covering it this coming Wed that 18th . I hope you can join me

Here are the issues I will cover on this training.

1. How to generate a consistent amount of new buyers you can turn over to agents.

2. How to make these agents loyal because you have something they want and need which of course is pre approved buyers

3. The system that took me years and 10’s of thousands to create and perfect so it becomes almost like an assembly line.

But maybe here is the most important part of all and you really need to STOP and think about this.

The system I created -targets buyers we already know we can help
It sends them to a special place where they actually are sold on using you BEFORE they even call- no convincing or sales pitch needed.
Then it follows up with them automatically for 12 months.

Be honest you know we all need help with follow up right?

Hope you can make it  grab your seat right now

Have a great weekend
Brian Sacks

PS- I will be spending the weekend with my daughter and will be able to be “present” with out needing to speak with anyone
but still knowing I will have new deals monday when I get back
If you can not currently do the same you should drop whatever you are doing and grab a seat

PPS- will there be a replay?
Normally I would say yes but don’t count on it
The last training we did was not able to be recorded but why risk it anyway?

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Can This Really Happen To An Originator?

Two very interesting things happened to me yesterday that I want to share with you.

I regularly coach and consult with my members and almost all have had this problem. I am sure you have too and I had the same problem until I came up with a solution.

The first thing that happened was that I had a settlement for a 390,000 loan with a large National Builder who has their own in house national mortgage company.

After going to that closing I went over to a scheduled appointment with a Real Estate manager whose company has it’s own in-house mortgage company. I had called him the week before and after the conversation and the usual reasons why he would not see me- I said the “magic words” and he immediately set up the appointment with me.

So I bet you want to know those magic words huh?

Well it actually is very simple. Have something that helps many of the buyers their in-house lender aren’t able to help with.
Did you know that right now there are 7.3 million buyers that NO OTHER lenders are actively marketing to. Heck, most of these buyers want to buy right now but don’t even realize they can.

I am doing a live training this week- hope you can make it- because I will walk you can do exactly what I just did in your market.
Grab your seat right now


Dedicated To Increasing Your Production,
Brian Sacks

By the way- My live trainings usually fill up quickly and  I sometimes honestly forget to hit record
so if you don’t want to be 1 of 3 cards or have those lunches that neither of you want to be at I suggest you register and block the time in your planner

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