Do You Hear These Realtor Excuses?

Realtors are an important part of our business. With rates going up
and everyone looking for new business , I thought I would
share with you one of the most common excuses you will hear
from realtors and exactly how to handle them.

Back in 1985 , when I was a realtor, loan officers would constantly
bombard us on a daily basis, dropping off rate sheets and begging
for business. In order to get any work done and avoid hurting anyone’s feelings we developed some standard come backs that
were designed to have the loan officer leave us alone.

One of the most common responses was I am just a listing agent.
On the surface you can see just how ridiculous that statement is.
Think about it.
Does that mean that if someone comes to this
realtor to purchase a home they will turn them away?

Of course not.

So what they are really saying to you is Leave me alone because you have not shown me why I should consider working with you.

Here are some ideas to think about for your response. First I would mention that you love working with listing agents because:

– I am able to get your seller ( who are now most likely buying a home) pre approved for a mortgage.

– I help listing agents sell homes by coming to open houses to
pre approve everyone who comes through

– I can sponsor a brokers open house so your sellers home can be
exposed to all the other agents in the area. ( for the cost of 100.00
you can buy the food and meet all the other agents in the area)

– I can prepare a mortgage option / financial product sheet for
the property that prospective buyers can use to see their payment
and program options for the property.
-I can add your property to my is now listed account and easily get it on social media like facebook – You Tube and Pinterest and other sites.

These ideas will all be of benefit to the listing agents and allow you to get your information in front of potential new clients.

Wishing you success

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This systems will show you how to have realtors chasing you for business instead of the frustration you are having calling on closed real estate offices or begging for business .

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The BIG Difference In Success Most Loan Officers Miss


Yesterday during one of my one on one consultations the loan officer on the other end of the phone asked me a question that might be one you are asking as well.

We all want to succeed but how?
This loan officer was doing 3-4 loans per month and wanted to double that business. But he had a few problems that he wanted my advice on.

First- He realizes that refi’s will have to eventually slow down to a crawl and he will need to actually go out and generate purchase business. He has very few realtor relationships in place and has no real idea how to build them.

Second– He has a very limited budget of about 500 a month top spend on marketing. Like all of us he is being bombarded with pitches all day long for programs that will send him leads.
No really- I had to call his name a few times before he got back on. He had fallen into the same trap that most of us are either in or have fallen into. His big idea during our call was to figure out which trigger lead company would be best and wanted my opinion.

What I told was that he could NOT possibly be successful until he had buyers and realtors chasing him. That’s when he dropped the phone.

All of these tactics simply make you an ANNOYING PEST instead of being an invited guest.
You are chasing people who don’t know who you are and you are “pushing “ yourself on them as a salesperson.
I showed him the system I created and use. I simply laser target the person that I want to call me. This person has a certain income level and is currently renting.
They receive my mail which simply offers a FREE REPORT. They opt in – hear my sales message and then either call me or don’t.

If they call me they have already heard my message and realize why they should be using me. REMEMBER- I have NEVER SPOKEN with them yet.

If they don’t call I have a systematic e-mail system that follows up with them for at least 12 months.

Compare that to trigger leads or Zillow leads etc.

Let’s be honest you are one of many calling them. You have NO IDEA if they are qualified or not. They HAVE NOT invited your call. If you do reach them they will likely blow you off or simply tell you that they will call you back and never do.

My system allows me to be one of one instead of 1 of many marketing to them. But worst of all is that these leads are treated as one and done while my system allows you to follow up on auto-pilot for a full 12 months without lifting a finger or needing to remember to follow up.

Now you know why he dropped his phone right? In sales it’s all about who’s chasing who. Your job is always to get buyers and realtors chasing you. Best of all your follow up is on “Set it and Forget it” mode so you can have buyers calling you who are already sold on using you BEFORE you speak with them.
That’s true freedom!

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

PS- This is exactly the same process and system my members at use to grow their production each and every month.

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