Morning or Evening ?

I am writing this article at 7:18 am  while many of you are still sleeping.

But I have been at my desk since 6:45am.

Our job as originators is a bit crazy right? We hear terms such as “feast or famine” and all or nothing.

That is very true- but a topic for another post that deals with having consistent business.

I like to get in early  and get work done before the phones go crazy and the e-mails blow up. But what I wanted to share with you in this article is more about knowing your own “peak” times.  What time of day are YOU operating at your peak?

There is no right or wrong answer – since this varies for each of us. Some prefer being a night owl- some prefer to rise early.

The important idea is to do your creative marketing-writing-planning-and implementing during the time of day that you are free from distractions and can operate at peak efficiency.

TIP- Block these times and get into a routine. Know what you are trying to accomplish and have a detailed plan for getting it done!

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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Last week I was in Boston speaking at the ACUMA ( credit Unions) event. I spoke with one of the production people and we chatted about how they generate new business.He told me what I have heard hundreds of times “I hate working with Realtors”


Realtors still control the majority of transactions in this industry and that is a simple fact.  But think about their side of the table for a minute. When they give you a loan they are actually giving you 2 things.

1. Their Paycheck.

2. Their Reputation


Stop for a minute and let that sink in.
Now of course there are ways to generate business BEFORE the buyers get to the agent – and in fact I have an entire course on that at:

Realtors are pushy and they need to be sometimes.The key is in communication. Let me give you an example.

The agent calls you and says when can we close. The contract says closing is July 31.


Most loan officers would say we should be fine for the 31st

We are always going to be pushed to get things done and then get blamed when the borrower doesn’t do what they are supposed to do. This in turn makes us hate working with Realtors.

BUT I FOUND A SIMPLE SOLUTION – and here are some scripts

1. When will this loan be approved?

Response-” Once I have all the documents I requested we can get them submitted and approved in 3 business days.”

2. When can we close?

Response- Once I have all the documents and the underwriter has signed off we can close 2-3 days later.

Do you see a pattern here?

You don’t need to give a date- You need to place the time frame issues where they belong – on the borrower

Once A happens- B can happen

Having said all of this it is still OUR job to prepare the borrower for all the items they will need- to explain the process and to communicate weekly so everyone knows what’s in and what’s needed.

In fact- Do you ever read the purchase contracts?

Each contract has a financing commitment date-

If you don’t have the documents you need – why should YOU be blamed?

I do a status meeting each and every week with my processor to go over all of my files- If we are coming close to a contract approval date and I don’t have the items needed I will let the agents know to get an extension because the borrower has not provided  all the needed information.


The person they should be!

Once you become an “offensive” communicator you will LOVE working with Realtors- realize we are all on the same team and don’t forget we are being trusted with their reputation and paycheck.

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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JULY- What You MUST Do In July

We are now mid way thru 2015 – six full months worth of business yet to be done.


This week I am taking my son to college in South Carolina. He was recruited to play D-1 Lacrosse at Furman University and one of the ways they assist their student athletes is by giving them a free summer session so they can get some classes under their belt and not have to take a heavy course load during their sports season.

We are packing up today for the 10 hour trip from Baltimore to Greenville. There are a number of routes we could take but we have mapped out one that seems to be the fastest and easiest way to go.


Sounds strange huh?

But stop and think about this for a second.  Hopefully you have set a goal for 2015 in terms of how much you want to earn and how you will accomplish that goal.  If you haven’t you NEED TO DO THAT RIGHT NOW! I’ll wait.

EXAMPLE– If you want to earn 100,000 and your average loan is 200,000 and you earn 100 basis points then the math is pretty simple right?

You need to originate 55 loans and close 50 loans –  ( 50 x 2000= 100,000) The extra five are for loans that don’t close – you really should not have more than a 10% fallout rate on loans you originated.


This is the most important question you can ask yourself.  Here’s what my list looks like ( my figure is higher than 100,000 in income so adjust yours accordingly)

Realtors – 7 deals per month
Referrals- 2 deals
Direct Marketing- 3
Boomerang Buyers- 3

Now take a minute and write yours down. Realtors and Referrals are self explanatory. For direct marketing I include You Tube ads /videos – Facebook and Direct Marketing to renters ( see for more information but this involves targeting a specific complex (s) and putting them thru my system so they can then be a pre-approved buyer I provide to Realtor partners)

The Boomerang Buyers are also targeted buyers that I market to who have a credit challenge or bankruptcy/foreclosure but are approvable with current guidelines. Very few originators are marketing to them but there are 7.3 Million of them and they are eager to rebuild their credit and own a home.

NOTICE- I ONLY market to those I know fit current guidelines for FHA -VA- CONVENTIONAL and other non-QM programs.
( you can learn more about these buyers on a webinar I recently conducted –
Now you have a plan – You know exactly where you want your business to come from- you know exactly how much you need from each source.

EVERY MONTH YOU NEED TO  take out a sheet of paper and see if you are on track!

This is exactly what I will be doing on my trip to Greenville. I need to constantly be checking to make sure I am on the right road and headed the right direction. Am I on time? Am I lost?

Now that we are mid way thru the year  you should be reviewing these figures for the year and adjusting your goals and plans for achieving them so you can have a great second half of 2015.

Here are some questions to ask:

Did I originate the correct amount of units?

Did they come from the sources I anticipated? If so great- can you kick it up?

IF NOT- what worked – what didn’t – why?

Should I replace that strategy or try to tweak it?

Please don’t just read this article but actually take out your pen and paper – or laptop and excel sheet and start planning your success for 2015 part 2

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


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