The Biggest Mistakes Loan Officers Made in 2014

Here are some of the results from our recent survey which asked Loan Officers  What Was Your BIGGEST MISTAKE in 2014.

I have always felt that you learn a lot more from your mistakes than for your successes.

expecting agents to be loyal

Not having a consistent marketing plan

Not enough action

Assuming that Real estate agents would be loyal with their referrals once a great job is done when many are looking for items of value that violates RESPA.

Goal setting and review was weak.

Not enough contact with Realtors!

Staying in the mortgage business

Not networking enough.

Not working hard enough

Not effectively expanding realtor referral base

Spending money advertising with Angie’s List

Not staying in touch with my database of past clients.

staying with the wrong company too long

Being completly unmotivated

Taking my eye off the ball. Not.asking enough  questions when speaking to new clients

Choosing the wrong recuriter.

Not taking off the entire month of December 🙂
As you read this do you see a pattern?

The truth is that as we go into 2015 it will be all about relationships and purchase business.
Are you ready?



Go ahead and make your lists – your goals and your plans but make sure you review them monthly to see what’s working and what isn’t.


Brian Sacks



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Tragedy & JetBlue Marketing Lesson

LO TIP OF THE WEEK- Tragedy and Jet Blue Marketing Lesson
Dec. 26, 2014

Happy Holidays To You and Yours and My Wishes to you for a healthy and prosperous 2015.
Last week a true tragedy happened to 2 Police Officers and their families in New York. I am not going to go into this whole horrible scenario or why it happened. But I do want to point out one thing that you can apply to your mortgage business.

All over the news today – yesterday and probably tommorow – you will hear that JET BLUE is offering to fly any policemen from around the country to New York for the funerals.


I am NOT questioning their motives at all but think about what they have just accomplished.

1. They have gotten major exposure hourly on every news outlet in print – radio and TV
without spending one penny- My guess is that they will get 10’s of millions of dollars of Free PR

2. They have done a wonderful thing and for that more people will “LIKE” them.
Remember – people must KNOW- LIKE and TRUST YOU before they buy.

3. They have now created a new group of “followers” for their herd. My bet is that if you are a first responder and you have a choice of airlines to fly you will likely choose Jet Blue.


First- Let me be clear- YOU SHOULD NOT be doing it JUST for the Free PR.
I DO believe in giving back and I believe that what goes around comes around. But if you are going to do something charitable why not get some great PR for what you do?

Some examples-
Get active in a local charity and help the homeless ! ( see the tie in?)
Help Police Officers and Other Emergency Personnel
Work With Veterans on Home Ownership Programs

There are many Veterans who are now returning home from duty. What if you contacted a Real-Estate Company- A Title Company- A Mover- A Home Inspection Company – A Landscaper- An Insurance Company and others.

You then contacted the newspaper- a radio station – and tv stations and you paid for the Veterans First Year of Mortgage Payments .

Yes- You would all be spending some money. But let’s say their payment is 1000 and you split it up amongst 10 -12 companies. Imagine the amount of publicity you would all receive. Imagine all of the goodwill. Imagine all of the viral sharing this would create.

Remember- you are doing this first and foremost because it’s a good deed! But as long as you are doing a good deed- there is NO REASON not to benefit from it as well.

I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks

Working on putting a blog up but for now you can post on

Featured Resource- Better Then Being There In Person
Want to know the 4 Tools You Can Use To Jump Start Your CLosings?

One of the tools I use each and every week to grow my own production is video e-mail. These days Realtors are rarely in their offices and driving all over town is not a very efficient way to use your time.

But e-mails don’t always convey how you “truly” feel or who you “truly” are. If you want to make a connection you either need to be there in person or at least have them see and hear you.

The tool I use to accomplish this is video e-mails The receivers can hear me- see me and therefore get to feel like they know me!

This is the company I use and they will let you take their platform for a test drive without any commitment- Try it and see for yourself!

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Motivational Quote Of The Week

“If you need a miracle, be a miracle.”
Dr Phil

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You can also see my latest predictions for the 2015 Market – I shared this on NBC last week.


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What Will The Real Estate Market Look Like In 2015?

These are my predictions for 2015. Click Here.

– Do You Agree- Disagree?


There are actually a few lessons here that I wanted to share with you.

The truth is YOU can go on TV and Radio as well – just like I do and have taught 100’s of other successful originators to do. Do you know that I barely ( and I mean barely) graduated high school and have no 4 year college degree.

Guess What – No One has ever asked! and they won’t ask you either.

Anyway- My point is not to brag

You could and SHOULD – grab your phone and record your own holiday predictions and put them on
your own you tube channel and promote them on Facebook and Linked In.

When you do – put one of them up in our Facebook community too so we can all see it!

My wishes to you and yours for happy holidays and happy-healthy and of course prosperous 2015

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Brian Sacks – Top Originator


PS- I’ve been listening to your questions so watch your e-mail in the next few weeks for a special program I am working on that GETS AGENTS CHASING YOU !

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IF you have- I used one of those tools just this morning to send my appearance out to 973 agents in Baltimore and the responses are already coming in….. Give it a try with your own video that are YOUR predictions for 2015 ( it’s ok to swipe mine if you like) just record yourself with your phone or laptop

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